My First Sock or, Frankensock

I finally got my ass into gear and took pictures of the beginnings of my first sock!

Birth of a Frankensock

I’m still pretty excited about it. I’m just doing the stockinette section now, and then when I get to the heel I’ll check a few tutorials, read a few patterns and consult with a few friends. Hence it’s name of Frankensock. I decided not to use a pattern to the letter because I’ve found I tend to learn this better if I break them into parts and if I have to do a bit of adjusting to make something fit, it gives me more of an appreciation for the architecture of it, and the way things tie into each other. Buuuutttt…. we’ll see how that works out y’all, and I’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “My First Sock or, Frankensock

  1. Wow it’s looking great!!!
    I love the name and the color! I’ve been wanting to make some, cuz my left foot is gimpy so I need more room and softness of knitting one would be great!! I’m now looking for yarn!
    Hippies got tons on her etsy shop! *drool*
    update us k bro:)

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