It’s The Wedding Of The Painted Doll

Gentle reader,

When I was quite young, one of my favorite things to do was to rummage through all the trinkets and curios my parents had collected in their youth. For my Pa, this was a series of boxes he kept in the top of his closet that were full of odd little bits and pieces like marbles that he explained had been the stoppers of soda bottles, mother of pearl carvings and badges. For my Ma, this was going through photographs of her and her sisters when they were girls and her parents.

One of those pictures showed my Ma when she probably in primary school, dressed as cute as a button with rosy cheeks, and she was inside a giant doll’s box. Apparently it had been for a fancy dress day at school or something of the sort. I was somewhat obsessed with this picture, having always had a fascination with inanimate objects brought to life (my favorite movie at the time was Return to Oz… Jack the Pumpkinhead and the Gump, anyone? No?). I’m hoping that one day I can find that picture again and scan it for posterity, but here a picture of an even littler Mama.

Little Ma!

When she would tell me the story about that picture she told me that her costume was accompanied by a song (I think perhaps it was played when she had her turn in a costume parade or something… I can’t remember it terribly clearly) and she would sing it to me. The only part that I could remember was “It’s the wedding of the something doll” and the melody.

I never managed to track down the song and somewhere along the line I think it became corrupted by Cliff Richards’ Living Doll because I filled in the something with “living”. But, in this wondrous golden age of the internet, I was able to finally find it, and correct the something…

So, here is The Wedding Of The Painted Doll. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me in my simple little heart.

N.B. This one is lovely, but the best version that I could find didn’t allow embedding, but you can find it here.



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