4 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road Gallery

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time communing with nature ; ) some lovely shots of the forest and the beautiful shipwreck coast. Thanks for the reminder of how beautiful it is down there… xx

    • It was easy to take some decent shots with subjects like that! 😛
      Next time I want to go further along to Warrnambool and see the maritime museum and stuff like that.

  2. That bag you crocheted is lovely! I’d love to have one like that for summer. Was it free pattern from Pierrot ? Once my mum ordered some wool for me to knit from Pierrot and that was really lovely yarn.

    The pictures are grate too.
    We watch Discovery Channel quite a lot, but most of them are focused on those poisonous creature or Crocodiles, shark, etc so its nice to see those beautiful sights.

    • Hi Miho! Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, the pattern was free; I’ll check my post and make sure that I linked it. It’s also on my Rav page.

      I’d love to use some Pierrot Yarn, but I can’t quite justify it at the moment. Hopefully one day! I’ll be content with their patterns for now. :3

      There definitely are some beautiful sights in Oz, but they don’t seem to get promoted as often. I hope that changes!

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