Stuff? It’s Going Down, Y’all!

Gentle reader,

So, here I am again, back on my blogsticle (I love this word I made up because it sounds dirty, yet fun…) and I’ve given a fresh lick o’ paint and I have things to be writing and photographing and what not. Things are on the move, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m really excited.

  • I finished my Fenimore Tam and I’ve been wearing it sick lately. I’m trying to get a decent pic of it so I can post it.
  • There will be an upcoming announcement regarding the Stitchonomy podcast, and some video-related news for Shy Lion.
  • Also really digging Tumblr atm, so you can find mine here:
So, I just wanted to keep you abreast of the haps. More tomorrow!

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