Pierrot Yarns

Gentle Reader,

I received a notification today from Pierrot Yarns that my order had been shipped. Ever since I made my green hat from one of their awesome patterns, I’ve been so curious about their yarn. So, I went to the website and was pleased to find an English store front, incredibly cheap prices and very reasonable shipping costs. They were sold out of their color cards, so I just bought a few different yarns.

I got:

Yuyake No Sora

I got one skein of color 108. It’s a fingering weight yarn, and I thought it just looked so scrummy and delicious. (Click the pictures to see the yarn page at Pierrot)

Ethnic Denim

This one is a 3 ply cotton, and I got color 55 which is a lovely warm red. They have so many nice looking cottons, it was hard to choose one.

Poka Poka Hitsuji

Poka Poka Hitsuji is an 8 ply super wash wool. I got color 3, green (naturally!). Even though it’s super wash, it still looks quite fluffy and nice. I also like the color variation.

Junmo Namibuto2

This is another super wash wool, but Junmo Namibuto2 is a worsted weight yarn. I ordered color 16, which is a navy blue. I didn’t want to just get all green yarn, since I might give some away once I’ve made grabby hands at it.

There were so many other yarns I was curious about, and lots of it was really quite cheap. All in all, it came to about $40 AU, and about a third of that was shipping, which I thought was fairly reasonable, to be honest. I don’t know what postage costs are like in other countries, but it costs a bomb to post anything in Australia, so I’m never sure what is reasonable on an international scale.

Anyhoo, I’ll keep y’all posted and will give a full review of the yarn and the service when it gets here. So far though, I’ve been very impressed with the service and the English store front.

Have a great weekend, peeps!

(All images are property of Pierrot Yarns and are linked to the yarns they depict)


2 thoughts on “Pierrot Yarns

    • I can’t tell you how impatient I am for it to get here!! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet. I’ll wait and see what they’re like. I may even give some of them away to friends, or perhaps a blog giveaway? We shall see!

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