Of Cats And Dresses

Gentle reader,

Our move to the new house is slowly approaching, and I’ve tried my hardest to overcome my penchant for procrastination with some success. I’ve made a little headway with packing, but perhaps not quite as much as I’d like. It can be a bit difficult when you’re trying to pack in such a small space; maneuvering around stacks of boxes with not a lot of wiggle room and such. And, some of the other tenants have not been much help:

"What're you looking at me for?"

Ah well, I’ll get there eventually. Meanwhile I’ve had a little more success with Marelle’s crochet lace dress. I’ve finished the bodice and the first pattern section of the skirt. Hurrah!

Marelle's Dress; Coming Along.

I hate packing, but I love unpacking and having a blank canvas. Do you love or hate moving?

– R


12 thoughts on “Of Cats And Dresses

  1. Hi Raynor,

    I’m not good at moving – but the last one was nearly 9 years ago when my family and I left the Melbourne suburbs to live in rural Tasmania. That move was done within a 4 week window of selling our house and it was so crazy that I didn’t get the time to assess what to take, what to donate and what to throw out. Even though I’m not moving house, I have a large project of sorting our accumulated stuff and reducing or storing it properly. My yarn stash alone is a thing to behold – stored into respective colours and plastic tubs so at least that’s taken care of.

    Your knitting and crochet is so neat – I’ve enjoyed seeing the unique little characters you make and I’m sure this dress will be stunning. At the moment I’m knitting and crocheting for a local market stall (using some patterns from Meet me at Mikes) – but my long term project is lace knitting a scarf from an 1895 pattern – it’s 2ply alpaca silk in a colour called garnet. I am so looking forward to wearing it one day!

    • My stash has grown organically, much to my chagrin; there’s no organization at all; I have multiple stashes wherever they will fit. Hopefully, when I we move, I can finally sort out that mess. 😀

      Our last move was from Brisbane to Melbourne, so this one will be less stressful. We have plans to end up in Tasmania eventually. Are you happy down there now? Also, an 1895 2-ply scarf pattern? EPIC! You must do it!

      • Oh I am a little biased, but we are very happy here in Tasmania. We didn’t know a soul where we bought our property and thought that, if the worst scenario meant we kept to ourselves, then at least we were surrounded by mountains and forest with the beach nearby. Happily for us, we have such a great group of friends nearby who are trying to lead a slow paced lifestyle just like us. We’ve learned a great deal since we moved about fencing, or goats, or gardens, or homeschooling…the list goes on and will continue to grow over time. (I hope!) My scarf is almost done! I’m on the last border and it’s an intermediate level pattern out of a truly gorgeous book called Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. I am a part of a knitting group and we’re all hoping to knit every single scarf or shawl out of this book. I suspect that project will see me through to my twilight years. 🙂

  2. Hi Raynor,

    That dress looks great! I can’t wait to see it finished. Your cat is also very cute, but I guess not particularly helpful ^_^

    I have only moved once, but I didn’t like it very much. Now that I have been in the same house for four years, I have so much craft stuff that moving again will be … time consuming. But, I guess having a blank canvas would be very nice! And you would probably also find lots of lost things ~_^

    Right now I am crocheting a scarf. Not nearly as impressive as your projects! Anyway, I am sure I will be back soon.

    See you!

    • I’m sure your scarf will be impressive! Anytime you turn a few balls of yarn into something else is impressive. You should show us when you’re done! ^_~

  3. Hi Raynor! Thanks muchly for stopping by Maybe Next Week – you’re on my reader too! Your kitty-cat look splendid – somehow cats and boxes are just made for each other!

    I hate packing with a firey vengeance, but absolutely love unpacking and setting up – I’m gearing up to move into my first place on my own and I can’t wait to be able to figure out where eveything goes and put all the pictures on the walls that I’ve been collecting over the years! Hurrah!

    • Oh, isn’t hanging pictures the most exciting thing? The house we’re in now has no hooks or anything, so I made do with Command adhesive hooks (we’re renting, you see), but they’re a little expensive. The next place has picture rails, and rail hooks are much cheaper and don’t need holes, so I’m even more excited!

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