Music To Make To: Brett Domino & Steven Peavis

Gentle reader,

I love music, and also love a good laugh. And that’s why I love Brett Domino and Steven Peavis. Their unique brand of cover songs make me so happy in my dorky little heart that I can barely stand it. It tickles me that they’ve gone for humor without sacrificing quality; I love how their musical production has such depth and texture when a lot of it is done without crazy expensive studio tools. Sometimes all you need is talent. ^_~

You can find more Brett Domino here. They’ve recently posted a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework” to their Youtube (which, IMHO is better that the original).

What songs make you crazy happy or tickle your funny bone? ^_^

– R


2 thoughts on “Music To Make To: Brett Domino & Steven Peavis

  1. Ah I wish I could look at this clip – but being on satellite internet, our data is confined to a mere drop in the bucket compared to broadband on the mainland. Ah well! Thinking about your question – I don’t tend to listen to music in that sense – I love people like Angus and Julia Stone, or Jack Johnson. Yesterday I went to gym and they were playing Billy Idol’s Greatest Hits – my oh my the memories came flooding back from that album! It definitely plenty of nostalgia from my teenage & early adult years which made me smile.

    • I really like Angus and Julia Stone! “And The Boys” is probably my fave of their songs. And Billy Idol is always good fun. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be an actual humorous song to make you laugh or feel happy. I have a bunch of songs that just crack me up because of the nostalgia or just because they’re fun. ^_^

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