Your Thoughts? A Penny For Them.

Gentle reader,

Over the last few months, The Shy Lion has really picked up in the readership and visits, and on top of that, there a growing group of peeps who are commenting regularly (you peeps, oy! You’re the best!). It makes me crazy happy that my little ponderings and craftiness are getting people’s attention.

The truth is, I’ve never really had a game plan for The Shy Lion. It was originally meant just as a web site to show my items when I was selling them in Brisbane, and then the blog sort of took over. I figured that now seemed a great time just to check in you guys and see what y’all think – what you like, want you want more of – so here’s a little poll. I’d be totes grateful if you could give it a click. You want to share more than poll options cover? Leave a comment!

– R


7 thoughts on “Your Thoughts? A Penny For Them.

  1. Goodness me – I’m happy with everything and didn’t check Videos cos I have a lousy, limited internet service (roll on NBN!)

      • ah ha! We’ve just been given the installation date of our new satellite system (as the existing one has failed). We live too far south of Hobart for broadband (Tasmania seems to have the cable rollout only in the populated areas – it’s like a ‘T’ running across areas of the north and right down the middle) so our guinea pig on a wheel will be replaced by a whippet…faster, cheaper and more download limit. YAY!

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