Of Squishable Yarns… For Keeps!

Gentle reader,

I wasn’t able to post on the weekend, but never fear, I have made my decision on the winner of a ball of yarn featured in the Meet Me At Mike’s Good Stuff Holiday Guide!


Well, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one! So, there are a few winners.

First up is Trish, because she was so prepared that she even has a project in mind for it.

Next is Marg just because she used the word Katamari. Oh, I love those games. Oy.

Melissa is next, because she always leaves the most lovely comments; they feel like a conversation. ^_^

And lastly is Robbie from Knitxcore, because I had to let one of the fellas win ^_~

So, if you peeps could please email me your postal address at the.shy.lion@aol.com, I’ll pop a parcel in the post soon. I’m going to pick the yarn arbitrarily but if you’re really, desperately hankering for a particular one, lemme know (although, the Norway is taken already… for my cardigan!)

That’s all from me today! Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

– R


9 thoughts on “Of Squishable Yarns… For Keeps!

    • Dreamcat is the best word I’ve ever heard in my life and I would like it printed on a t-shirt so that I may wear it and put the word in the brains of all who see me.

  1. whoo hoo!! I am lucky and am lost for words except Thank you!
    Will gain my conversational skills back soon. 🙂

  2. AW look at me bein’ all on your ‘sticles and stuff! Of the blog variety… ahem. Thanks! And by the way, your blog looks insanely cool on my iPad. I’m not jealous in the slightest…

    • Oh, girrrrl! All up in there! I had to run and pinch the iPad off of the fella and have a look! Does look pretty cool, huh? It’s completely in spite of me; must be automatic because I had nothing to do with it. o_O

  3. Ooo that green on the bottom looks so lovely! Is it weird that I asked for craft store gift cards for Christmas so I can make myself some cozy goodness for a change?? Hehe

    • Craft store vouchers are NEVER the wrong answer! Make yourself some deliciousness, okay? ^_~

      By the way, the green yarn at the bottom is Rowan Renew which I’m completely in love with.

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