Teach Me How To Dougie… erm… I Mean… Do Crafty Things…

Gentle reader,

The results are in (sort of)! Here are the results of my poll as they stand now. It’s still active, but the rank has more or less stayed the same, the numbers just grew.

And the people have spoken.

I knew the craft posts would be at the top, because that’s what The Shy Lion is all about. The biggest surprise was my interludes in third place. You peeps like my random chatter? Oh, I do love you. But the coolest thing is tutorials coming in second. That’s exciting!

So, now I’m going to ask for your thoughts once more. What kind of tutorials would you like? Is there any thing in particular you want to know?

Disclaimer: Now, crochet is all fine and dandy; I’ve been crocheting for years and teaching for about a year now. But, keep in mind that as far as knitting goes, I’m practically still a noob. I’m just very lucky that a lot of my good friend are knitting superstars so I have excellent resources to pick brains and get help (and a penchant for jumping in the deep end with projects). But perhaps you can learn as I learn? Or perhaps I can have tutorial guests? I dunno! And if there are non-crochet/knit stuff that I’ve posted that you’re interested in, let me know too.

I don’t know… I’m brainstorming on my end, but let me know what you think. And would you like photographic tutorials with instructions, or would you like video tutorials? Or a combination? Have at it!

– R


16 thoughts on “Teach Me How To Dougie… erm… I Mean… Do Crafty Things…

  1. Hello Raynor! I love the results of your poll! First of all – great that your interludes are appreciated, that means you will expand on them and we will learn more about you, your thoughts and tastes πŸ™‚
    And of course – it looks that future will bring your readers more tutorials and craft posts – yeah!
    I was wondering, would you share more about your collection of crafts books, especially the older ones and post about the pieces that you have found special? I LOVE previously published books about needle crafts – those pictures and ideas can be incredible πŸ™‚ So, as you see – my question is purely egoistic one.

    • oh my…I’ve just seen your wrist warmers tutorial and am searching through my yarn stash to start making a pair ASAP. They are fabulous!

  2. Hi Laura!

    That’s an excellent idea, and I’m always getting to bring books home from work to make samples from – in fact, I have one now that I might write a post about – and I do like to pick them up from thrift stores.

    Your tutorials look amazing! You’re definitely a pro. Hopefully the tutes I do will be even half as well presented ^_~

  3. I’m excited cos I’ve found at least 4 new blogs to follow because of The Shy Lion and am having a fine time reading up and getting inspired!
    I’d prefer photo tutorials simply because I can study each pic and make sense of them in my own sweet time…also the projects could be graded into beginner, intermediate or master level.
    I love Laura’s idea of craft book reviews/sharing!
    And yes do keep up the random chatter. πŸ™‚

    • I’ll see what I can do! I have some books in mind, but I’ll have to think some on the tutorial. I’m thinking magic ring might be a good one, especially for those interested in amigurumi.
      Blog love? I’m sharin’ it! ^_~

  4. I am a crochet novice, so I’d love to see a crochet tutorial, all I have done so far is a couple of face washers and one granny square that is very slowly growing and using up all of my leftover worsted yarn from knitting. It’s about cushion size at the moment, but I am aiming in a few years time for it to fit a queen size bed But I’d like to see step by step photo tutorial for one of your little critters.

    I wouldn’t say no to a peek inside your yarn stash, see what you use, what you do and don’t like about different yarns.

    • Ooh, yarn stash… that’s a good idea. I shall ponder!
      Once you’ve got the granny square, it’s slippery slope! You’ll making everything your heart desires in no time! ^_~

  5. Hello Raynor,

    Yes This is that gift giving time of year. I am not a knitter but my daughter is.
    Our family will be going to New Zealand for Christmas. Can you give some advice on knitting items she might like for Christmas? For instance I understand the wools in New Zealand are especially lovely but I don’t know what brands to look for.
    Are there any especially lovely tools to use that would make knitting more fun for her?
    Thank you! I love your blog!

    • Ooh, well, if she doesn’t have a set of interchangeable needles, then I’d definitely recommend those – KnitPicks (KnitPro in Australia) are exceptionally good, and are available in the US so she can keep buying tips for them. Also, my life began when I got a ball winder and a swift, and I’m sure you could find some beautiful hand-made wooden swifts that shouldn’t be too bulky to get home.
      New Zealand have some beautiful yarns, but I’m not too familiar with names. I know of Naturally, which are affordable but lovely to work with, especially Loyal and Naturelle. I’ll get back to you on more NZ stuff – one of my besties is a Kiwi knitter. ^_~

  6. Yay that your interludes got the votes!!

    As for tutes I think I’d vote for instructions with pictures so you can print them out and refer to them while you’re working on something. Old school I know, but I’ve never been able to watch a video and try to do something at the same time.

    And stuff from vintage and op shop finds will always be a winner!

    • Depending on time, what I want to demonstrate and how complicated it is, I might do a combination of photo and video tutes, with written instructions. I shall see! I mean, I probably won’t do any before the new year though. I’ve got time to plan. πŸ™‚
      There will defs be some finds over December, I think! There’s particularly good thrift stores in my home town.

  7. i feel like the wave of bloggy future is headed towards more videos. as i see some of my crafty idols begin to vlog, i’m trying to gain the courage to do it myself. maybe we could encourage each other? idk.

    on a side note, i would love a beginning crochet tutorial!!!! i have no idea where to begin…

    • I might actually do that, Robbie; start from the beginning. And then I’ll throw in a few more advanced stuff here and there.
      Encouragement plus! You should totes do it! I’ve vlogged before, and my boss and I started a video podcast earlier this year, but stopped after three episodes because of scheduling problems. I get nervous before filming but once I start I’m fine, and you can edit out the bad parts. lol. You’ll be great!

    • I find knitting is easy peasy but I am totally baffled by crochet!! It’s nice that we all have our strengths and we can share and help out…

      • You guys! ^_^ I’m okay at both, but knitting for me is more of a directed activity, ie. following a pattern or planning things out first. But crochet is a completely organic thing to me where I just start and don’t even know what it’s going to end up. I rarely use a pattern when I crochet. But, knitting was a complete disaster to me for the longest time. It made more sense to me when I went back to it after crocheting for years.

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