The Shy Lion! 2012! Aaaaaannnnddd…. GO! Crochet Classes at Thread Den!

Gentle reader,

Apologies for the long post title! I got a bit over-excited. Oy! I have some cool things happening in 2012 and the first cool thing is that I’ll be doing even more teaching. So, if you’re looking for crochet classes in Melbourne, then you’ve come to the right place!

The most exciting thing that I’ve been dying to share with you for ages is that in addition to the classes I’ve been teaching for Morris & Sons, I’m now teaching at Thread Den. I’m so super stoked about it, and the first class is soon!

Hamanaka crochet hooks are love.

The class is a two and a half hour session on Sunday the 29th of January at Thread Den in Fitzroy from 2pm to 4:30pm, and it costs $49 for the session. You can get all the details here. Go give Thread Den some love! They’re really awesome. That’s the only class officially on the calendar at the moment, but I’ll keep posted on more. They also have excellent sewing classes, so check ’em out!

In the next few days, I’ll make a new page in the navigation bar listing my class schedules and how to book etc. Maybe I’ll see some of your lovely faces, huh? ^_~

I’m hoping to do some writing too, but we shall see! What cool stuff will you be getting up to in 2012?

– R



9 thoughts on “The Shy Lion! 2012! Aaaaaannnnddd…. GO! Crochet Classes at Thread Den!

  1. I’m sure you’ll have an excellent class! I love the look of those crochet hooks which would surely help counter the hand cramp of a long hooky session.
    2012 has started with a plan – I’m working on a couple of fundraisers for our community centre – we want to install a commercial kitchen which costs big $$. So anyway – one event is a garden party at a local heritage home – it’s going to be anything from Jane Austen themed to colonial…I’ve just bought my parasol & fan and am hoping to spend some time knitting lace over a cup of strong tea if I’m not too busy on the day. 🙂

    • I’m in love with these hooks! They’re handy because they’re double ended too, which saves on room in your bag of tricks. But, sometimes the other end can be a little comfortable depending on what you’re doing, but if you have smaller hands it mightn’t be a problem. Have you tried Clover Soft Touch hooks? They’re amazing, and I could crochet for weeks non-stop and not get tired. They’re a bit cheaper than Hamanaka hooks, but still in the $10 – $15 dollar ballpark. I can send you some!

      • oooh…for real…you can send me some? That would be so very wonderful & I’ll email you to figure out the best way of paying. I could continue to prattle on (sorry…am prone!) but I’ll drop you a line via email.

  2. I think you might be seeing my lovely face in one of your classes, and my lovely friend Dianne wants to learn too. I’ve now got a book but it still looks a bit baffling.

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