The Loch Village Quilt And Craft Festival

Gentle reader,

This weekend past I was fortunate enough to attend the Loch Village Quilt and Craft Festival. The committee that organizes it had seen my interview in the Sunday Age and invited me to attend as a “featured artist”. My dear friend Judith and her husband Charlie and I went down on the Saturday and stayed at the Royal Hotel in Loch before setting up a table at the festival on the Sunday.

Loch is a beautiful little spot to the south-east of Melbourne. It’s surrounded by picturesque hills and quaint little buildings. Sybil, the lady who saw my article and invited me was so sweet and generous, and went to so much trouble to make me feel welcome. I sold a few things, gave out some cards and got to chat to some really lovely people like Megan from Can Do Books, the ladies from Sunspun yarn store and Kay from Kay’s Artycles.

Unfortunately, this wonderful weekend was preceded by our house being broken into earlier in the week, and they stole my camera! So, I couldn’t take any pics, but luckily Judith snapped some for me.

You can see one of Judith's dolls in the background in the upper left. And stinky ol' me to the right. O hai!

Lessons Learns From Having A Market Table/Being A “Featured Artist”

  • Being on display or being made the center of attention is nerve-wracking and awkward and makes me really anxious. This seems completely stupid since I used to act and sing on stage. Oy. But, I kinda knew this.
  • Peeps are surprised to see a guy crocheting (but, surprised pleasantly most of the time). I kinda already knew this too.
  • No one laughed at my prices. This is reassuring! And I got some great compliments!
  • As a result of the nerves and anxiety of the first point, I start saying weird things that I’ve never ever said before, like answering questions in the affirmative with “Yeah, yep!”. Who says that!? I do apparently. Eugh.
  • If I keep selling things, it will defs be an online affair. Etsy? I’ma do it!
Pics courtesty of Judith, 'cuz she's wonderful.

It was such a great experience, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity and it was definitely worth it. Though, it did really reinforce for me why this malarky is called “The Shy Lion”. I’m much more at home doing business at a desk. I should work on that though. There are so many great peeps out there and I wanna meet ’em and craft with ’em!

As for the break-in, well, I don’t want this to become a place to vent some drama, but it was pretty upsetting! It’s the second time; we were broken into before Christmas too. At the end of the day, it’s just stuff, though not having a decent camera will make blogging a bit difficult. But, these things were sent to try us, and we must rise above!

How was your weekend? Have you set up a table at the markets before? How’d it go?

– R




14 thoughts on “The Loch Village Quilt And Craft Festival

  1. Pleasant! Looks like you had some adorable items for sale =} Did you have many buyers? I feel like I would dread being a seller at a craft show, especially with the prepping and mass producing. Very sorry to hear about your camera; I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my Nikon baby!

    • It is a bit of a surreal situation! I guess it was mass production in the sense that I made heaps of stuff, but for the most part I was just making stuff that I would have made anyway. I just had to be more disciplined about how I spent my time. I think Etsy will be the way to go for me.

      I wasn’t in love with the camera, but it was the only camera I had! It does mean that I can save up for a new one though. Silver linings.

  2. Mmm yes once. I was asked to show my work at an embroidery show. I guess there are people who make things because they love the craft and others who like the craft but love to sell. I just love the challenge of having a go at making something and for it to look remotely like the picture in the book or the one I’d imagined in my head. It drove me crazy when people would say they liked something but could I please make them one in a different colour/style etc. I don’t think I’d like having to mass produce items. It would take away the joy for me.

    • I was lucky in the fact that I was a “featured artist” which meant that I just had to show off my stuff, I didn’t really have to make a big retail thing or whatever. But, I sold a few things which was nice!

      It didn’t really take the joy away in so far as I just made the junk I’d have made anyway, but I’ll admit, I was so happy to be able to do something else afterwards, like knitting. I was a bit sick of crochet by that point!

  3. I would totally have bought that bunny!! I know what you mean about being shy. I’m at a huge library conference all week and on Friday I have to give a talk, it’s giving me the shivers… It sounds like you had the loveliest weekend. Are you planning on setting up more stalls?

    • Good luck with your talk! You’ll be great!

      The little blue bunny? He sold! But, I can make more. ^_^

      I’m going to focus on the blog and an Etsy shop at this point. I don’t think I can maintain big enough stock levels for market stalls unless I branch out a little into thrift items, but there are already so many thrift market stalls, so I think I’ll keep everything comfortably online.

  4. i don’t ever sell things. it’s all too weird for me really. I’m afraid i may have to start, or i may die in a pile of handicrafts. idk. ( i adore that blue lion, btw!)

    • It was super hard for me to price things! Judith was an excellent help, she was right on the money.

      My face nearly went red at one point because a lady was cuddling one and said “They’re a bit expensive…” and I wanted to crawl under the table and die but then she said “but they’re so adorable and well-made, they’re totally worth it!” and then I felt a lot better! Haha.

      I know the feeling about them piling up. I give away a lot of them to peeps I like, I don’t always sell things.

  5. What about the fact that you met the Bbaandit Yarners, or that they met YOU…and that you signed the label of the Dirty Granny cider for our new Granny member, and that they Grafitti Yarned the whole town?????

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