Who Has An Etsy Store? Mr. Thumbs Over Here!

Gentle reader,

The title of this post probably makes no sense to you right now because for it to work you’d need to see me pointing at myself with my thumbs… so, read that title over again and image me doing just that. Thanks for humoring me; you’re the best! ^_~

But, the point is, I have an Etsy store now! Hurrah! You can find it here. There are eleven amigurumi for sale at the moment, and I’ll probably add a few more smaller items over the next week. Also, I will be taking custom orders via Etsy too.

Cute critters for sale!

And as a special treat to all my lovely blog followers who make me feel all happy and squishy every time you say hello or leave a comment, I’m going to be giving out coupon codes for 15% off any item in my store. All you have to do is to leave a comment asking for one, and I’ll email it out to you. I’ll be giving out the codes until the end of February (though, if you miss that end date, try anyway, you might be lucky ^_~ ), and the code will be valid until the end of March.

Also, if you have an Etsy store of your own, feel free to share a link in the comments! ^_~


15 thoughts on “Who Has An Etsy Store? Mr. Thumbs Over Here!

  1. go mr thumbs!
    it looks great!
    i have recently opened a shop on etsy but don’t have much on there… am planning on selling quilts when i can actually be bothered to make them….x

  2. Hi Raynie!!!
    Congrats again!!
    Two questions: Would you ship overseas? (I would love to send a couple to my two little nieces) How much would it cost?

    Let me know! and I wish you a fantaaaaastic week and a horde of complements (and friendly clients!)

  3. I love the thumbs up imagery….and your Etsy store looks great! Seeing the line up of your critters made me smile – their expressions are full of personality. 🙂

    • Thanks, Melissa! I try to make sure they have their own little personalities. Sometime a face will come out crooked so I’ll change it, but then put it back to the crooked face, because it was just so, know what I mean?

  4. I love the background you used to photograph your amigurumi!!!! I hope you get lots and lots of sales, they are so cute!

    • Thank yoooouuuuuu!!! ^_~

      The background is a Japanese primary school Kanji chart that my old Japanese teacher gave me. I have a Hiragana one too. I love them, and it’s just a bit different that a white wall or something. ^_^

  5. Yay FINALLY!!!
    Now I can order my critter! Huzzah!
    Mr thumbs! lol! I’m so proud of you Raynie
    and yes it’s about time and I too love the Japanese cards you used for the background 😉 very adorable looking! 🙂


  6. YAY YOU! This is so exciting! And all the little sweeties is your store are SO cute! (Harvey Behr Esquire is pretty much the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my whole life!) Wishing you so much success and happiness!

    Katie x

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