Toto-Phone: Finished!

Gentle reader,

You peeps and my pals on FB seem to have gone properly mental over my Totoro cross-stitch phone case! Y’all are crazy! And completely sweet, and I heart you all. So, not to disappoint, I’ve worked as fast as I can, and, now, I present to you my Toto-phone!

Mmm, shall I do a Cat-Bus one next?

I’m pretty happy with it. The case itself is a great, snug fit for my iPhone and I was glad to get rid of the stretchy, loose silicone one. The design itself turned out in the end; I did have to make a few slight changes to my original chart, but I’m pleased with him now. I will do up the chart and post it in case anyone is interested in doing their own cross-stich Totoro. ^_~

To recap, if you want to do your own cross-stich iPhone case, you can get yours online here or here, or you can buy them in store at Morris & Sons (Sydney and Melbourne).

If you could do one, what design would you go for? And if you actually do do one, you MUST share it with me! I’ll pretty much love you forever! 


24 thoughts on “Toto-Phone: Finished!

    • Thanks, Liz! ^_~

      Also, good tip for purchasing! It’s nice to get it from a local needlecraft store to support them, but it’s also nice to get a bargain ^_~

  1. Yeah! It turned out awesome! I live that green background. Mine finally came in the mail yesterday (after about 3 weeks!) so I’m battling with myself what to do with it. As soon as I finish I’ll be sure to share with you =}

  2. Yup! It is confirmed. You are magic! Love the Totoro phone case. I would love to be with you on a bus when you pull it out and see faces of bus riders light up at the sight of it.

  3. Just…wow!!!! You did a beautiful job designing and creating this, your Totoro is perfect!I really love your color choices, it is absolutely fantastic. ❤

  4. Oh my God Rainy that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life!!! I VOTE Cat bus all the way!!!
    I want one too for my iPhone! (Tanys a copycat!) lol
    Yea we, your peeps went bonkers over it!! LOL

  5. EEEEEEEEEEK !!!!! I now want an iphone just so i can do this !!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

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