Cameras, Birds (And Their Downstairs Mix-Ups), A Prelude to Intarsia & A Dash of Zombies

Gentle reader,

You may recall that our house was broken into… TWICE, and the second time they took Joel’s camera (which I had somewhat commandeered). While we’ve vowed not to replace any of the game consoles until we move, I was getting very itchy not having a decent camera, though I admit my iPhone does a pretty good job up to a point. So, I did some reading and I decided on the Nikon Coolpix L120 because of the cray-to-the-azy lens, some good reviews and the amazingly good price. You can get them for $198 at Dick Smiths, if you’re in Australia, which was about $60 cheaper than I saw at other places.

Joel and I got some dinner afterward at QV, and I decided to test it out on some birds.

I pointed my camera at these birds and this is what happened.

I love birds! I mean, I really know next to nothing about them like different breeds etc, but gosh I think they’re the cutest things ever. But then I remember they have cloacas which then kinda grosses me out for some reason and it mars my enjoyment of their cuteness for a few seconds, and then I push the idea of a one-stop poopin’, peein’, breedin’ shop from my head and then all is well again.

In fact, let’s do that now and move on from that unsavory thought and just enjoy these mighty adorable little critters. I LOVE that little nugget in the bottom left! Look at his little chest and face! Eeeeeeeeee! I would totally have given him a gentle hug in my hands if he’d let me. HIS. LITTLE. FACE!!!! ^_^     Cloaca. Dammit!  >_<

Meanwhile, I’ve been knitting a bit! I recently discovered the wonders of having a library card after not having one since I left college. I pretty much borrowed every knitting book that wasn’t totally naff from the library on Flinders Lane, and I decided that I’d tackle some intarsia. I’m making a wee bairn’s sweater from Picture Perfect Knits by Laura Birek. The design is called “I ❤ Mom“, and it’s a heart with a banner around it that says “Mom”, but I’m going to switch the chart out for a different design from the appendix at the back. So far, I think the book is awesome and probably worth the purchase. The pattern has been really clear, concise and easy to follow, but, I haven’t gotten to the intarsia yet and there was no shaping on the back piece, so, the wheels may yet fall off (I daresay that would be my own shortcoming and not the books though).

It seems on of my balls of yarn has become irradiated. Whoops.

I started with the back panel to safeguard against my finishing the intarsia and then getting bored with it and never finishing it. Geesh. I pinned it out for the sake of photographing it, I’ve not blocked it yet. I’ll pin the tar outta it when I do, cuz it’s super curly. I haven’t been slipping my first stitch to get a nice edge so it’s mega rough and curly at the edges. I dunno why I didn’t do the slipping thing. I think Marelle told me not to bother, so I’ll see how that goes. I’m using Cleckheaton Basics DK which I got from a sale. It’s a perfectly decent yarn, but I shan’t rave about it. I suppose that’s neither here nor there though, since it’s now discontinued. If you find it cheap though, it’s worth picking up.

I have a few projects on the go – I’m still working on my own sweater and Marelle’s crochet lace dress (which I’ve been taking to work to do on my lunch break) – but they’ve all gotten too big to to be suitable for public transport projects. Sure, the intarsia sweater is small, but since I’ll be starting the chart soon, it will be a sit-quietly-and-concentrate project. Luckily for me, I recently traded in some games and got Resident Evil: Revelations for my Nintendo 3DS (the only game console that wasn’t stolen) to while away my commute time. I don’t know if I can stress this enough: I love me some zombie-killin’. Yes, I do. The very first Resident Evil was one of the first games I got when we first got a computer. I’m fairly sure it gave me nightmares, but they were AWESOME nightmares (my parents may disagree on that fact).

“Resident… Eeevillll”

I played a couple hours of it over the weekend, and it’s pretty off-the-hook cray-to-the-azy. The graphics are super neat and definitely the best I’ve seen on the DS. It’s also compatible with the extra thumb-stick attachment, which I don’t have, but I really haven’t felt that controls are lacking without it. It’s very intuitive and fun. Are you guys even into games? Zombies? Yes? No? Lemme know. If you likey I’ll talk more about it, if no, I’ll keep it to my own nerdy self.

Have you tackled intarsia knitting yet? Have any tips? Share-zies!  ^_^


15 thoughts on “Cameras, Birds (And Their Downstairs Mix-Ups), A Prelude to Intarsia & A Dash of Zombies

  1. I love fat little birds SO MUCH. When they’re practically a ball with a face and legs. OMG. LOVE THEM.

    I also love you.

  2. I totally remembered when your old cam got stolen:( but the Coolpix is great! CHEERS to new beginnings and new thingys! 🙂 oh Look, BIRDIES!!!!!!! 😀
    Btw that shade of green on that yarn is gorgeous!!!! I love it!
    And omg Zombies! I didn’t think you were into Zombies hun, like you just blew my f***n mind!!! lol
    In our home Resident Evil is up there along with Robert Kirkman and his alluring graphic novels & omg walking dead peeps and shizz! Ya know! 🙂
    You seem cooler to me now somehow Raynie! Just pointing that out. 🙂
    Jk I love you anyways! Bam!

  3. Those little birds are super cute! We have lots of doves around our house and they are so fat and adorable ^_^

    I really want to try intarsia, but as I only *just* started knitting, I am afraid it will be too hard. I’d love to know how you go with it! ^_^

    • I really liked the doing of it, but I wasn’t overwhelmingly happy with the finished product. I’ve heard a few peeps say that intarsia is never perfect, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting it to be!

  4. I love birds. And I am a Pokemon nerd. But your idea of knitting the easy bit first so you don’t give up is genius! I always leave projects unfinished because a new, more exciting one comes along.

    Reuben 🙂

    • It worked too! I finished it in record time! I did the back fast because I was so keen to get to the intarsia, and then the intarsia went fast because I was so excited to be doing it. I totes tricked myself. ^_^

      Pokemon for teh WIN!

  5. i am DEATHLY afraid of birds. when i was a kid, our car was attacked be a gaggle of angry geese. ugh. so traumatizing!

    i just bought that “picture perfect” book! we should do a two man KAL!!!!

    • That sounds terrifying! >_< Geese are cray though, I don't trust 'em. I like these little fat chirpy ones though.

      We should TOTES KAL! Mine is a library book, but I think I'll buy it because it's properly good.

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