Totoro Cross Stitch Chart! For Freeeeeeeeeee!

Gentle reader,

As promised, I’ve done up a fancy, clean, non-chicken-scratch version of the chart I made to do my Totoro iPhone case. Feel free to download and bring some crafty Ghibli love into your life, but – and I feel like a douche for saying this, but you can never be too careful – have some common sense about it. Don’t sell the pattern or stuff made from it; just do it because you’re a big dork who loves Totoro. But DO have fun with it! And definitely send me pics of anything you make with it! Share it around if you schwanna, just be a dude and make sure you credit me.

Download it here, or by clicking the pic below!

Click to get your Ghibli on!

Who loves ya? I DO! ^_~


15 thoughts on “Totoro Cross Stitch Chart! For Freeeeeeeeeee!

  1. OMG!!!! RAYNIE, 2 words…….ok 4 words…..
    I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU!!!!! Ok So that was 5! BUT omg thank you sweety pie!!! You are thee best ever! šŸ™‚
    My Baby Totoro Thanks you too šŸ˜€
    HUZZAH!!!!!!! ā¤
    *happy happy tany*

  2. OY you have no idea how much this will help me! My poor phone case has been sitting on my desk for weeks now giving me puppy dog eyes. I’ve been wanting to cross stitch an octopus/kraken on it, but I’m so bad with making templates. Now I can use yours to guide me! Hoooooray!

      • I have not yet! But I have a very specific octopus in mind.. It’s the logo from a favorite rum of mine, The Kraken! I have it amongst my nautical themed tattoos as well =) I think I want to try it myself since I’ve never made out a pattern for cross stitch before.. I want to test myself =D Thank you though. I’ll share when I get around to it, sir.

  3. ok this is gonna be my first cross stitch thing ever. I’ll let you know/see the outcome, when I am done with it. Totoro brought me to cross stitch, what a weird situation

  4. Thank you for your time and effort. My Daughters have Loved Totoro from the very start and Studio G. I am going to work hard to get this done – one for each of them – by Christmas!!!

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