O Hai! I’m Not Dead In A Ditch!

Gentle reader,

It’s been ages since I last posted. I do apologize! I’ve been meaning to get around to do a proper posts but, it just never happened. I’ve been a bit preoccupied. But, I’m back now, and here’s a recap of what’s being going on in my forest.

I did some work, and I played some games.

I finished the bunny sweater (though, I’m going to unpick the sleeves and restitch them, and fix some wonky intarsia bits with duplicate stitch)

I got an amazing parcel from my American Mom, Beth, with a bunch of lovely gifts and some of her beautiful glass work. We’re going to combine her glass pieces and my crochet into… something!

I bought some yarn. Naturally.
L to R: Rowan Colorscape Chunky, Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball, Noro Kogarashi

I got some new shoes. Green, of course.

I did some scribbles. The side two are plans for some lino block prints.

I smooched some cheeky pooses.

Listened to some tunes.
L to R: Emi Hinouchi – “Me”, Midlake – “The Trials of Van Occupanther,
The Civil Wars – “Barton Hollow”

I did some wandering around Melbs and enjoyed the turn of the season.

Aaaaand, I started some big, chunky bedsocks with the Kogarashi for my friend, Alf!
I’m using the pattern “Thuja” from Knitty.com

Phew! Did you like “My Life In Pictures” recap? Hope so! I’ll be back to posting regularly now. I think I might do more of these – unless raiding my Instagram is cheating… Hmmm…

How have you been!? Catch up in the comments! ^_^


20 thoughts on “O Hai! I’m Not Dead In A Ditch!

  1. Wow – you have been busy! I love the bunny sweater, the block printing plans look exciting, and I love that little blue and green ball of yarn (it looks like the earth!) ^_^

    The Sims is one of my guilty pleasures – it is a huge time waster for me though so I try not to play it too much! ~_^

    It’s good to have you back! I’m looking forward to seeing your creations with all that lovely yarn ^_^

    • The Sims is SO dangerous, such a timesuck. But I love it so!
      I love the sweater too, but it needs some serious fixing. But, I can do that! x

  2. Welcome back! I saw the Rowan Colourscape at the Clegs sale, do you have a plan for it? I could only think of a scarf and I’ve already got a couple on the go. Looking forward to seeing the Tuja socks too. I printed off the pattern but haven’t made any… yet!

    • Tooooonnnnnyyyyy! I didn’t have a plan for it at the time, but my Mama wants some big, fat, squishy bedsocks, so I’ll probably ’em outta that. It’s pretty delicious. The Thuja socks have come to a standstill because I’m waiting for foot measurements. But, I got them last night so I can keep cracking on those. ^_~

  3. Looks like you’ve been keeping yourself very busy! I’ll have to find and stalk you on Instagram =} Love the Civil Wars btw.. Have you heard of the Lumineers? They’re a band out of Colorado you would absolutely love!

    • Totes do! I love me some Instagram. Be prepared for lots of cat pics though. I’m one of THOSE people. hehe. I must look up these Lumineers! So obsessed with The Civil Wars. Also, The Secret Sisters. So country right now, yo.

  4. Sims 3 is a total time-suck. Thankfully (sort of) my PC doesn’t like running the game, otherwise I’d never do anything but play Sims.

    LOVE those yarn colours, beautiful!

    • I run it on my Mac, and it runs preeeettttyyyy well, but every now and then it crashes, which is probably just as well otherwise I might never stop playing!

  5. Hey Raynor – it’s truly lovely to see you back. Nice photo montage of your projects – with gorgeous yarn of course! I hope you’re going to offer those prints on etsy – the quotes are great and you’re font styles are excellent.

    As for me, I’m well and been busy working, homeschooling my kids and procrastinating about gardening. Our local knitting group starts up again on the 1st of May – we’re looking to knit beanies for a beanie festival here in the Huon Valley.

    • Melissa! I’ll see how they turn out, I just finished my first one, which is much simpler than those, but I’m fairly happy with it. I don’t know if they’ll be Etsy worthy though! We shall see.

      I’m such a procrastinator! It’s such an obstacle! Oy. Can’t wait to see your beanies!

  6. Hi Raynor, I’m going to stalk you here now that I figured out where the comments button was!!! Love the photo montage… a picture paints a thousand words. Just wanted to mention my have colour is green, I’m obsessed with Photoshop and collecting way too many things…… and I desperately want to get one of those cross-stitch iPhone covers from M&S – thanks for reminding me!!! I nearly had a conniption when I first saw them 🙂

    • I’m TOTALLY fine with crafty stalkers! ^_^ Those covers are totally awesome. I dropped my phone the other day, and not a scratch. Phew! Functional AND pretty! Make sure you send me pics when you’re done!

    • So have you been! I need badly to catch up on the wonderful adventures of Knixcore and the fantastic Mr Robbie! It seems congrats are in order ^_~ It is pretty effing crazy! Lemme know if you want one. x

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