Instagram Catch-Up!

Gentle reader,

I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to Instagram. If you’re a fellow addict, you can find me there as theshylion. But, the good thing about Instagram is that it keeps me snapping pics whenever I get the chance, which I can’t always do specifically for the blog. I’m just not gelling with my new camera, and I end up having to do way more post-processing that I usually do, and it doesn’t like low-light which isn’t helpful because I’m a night-owl. Eugh.


Anyway, I figured that to keep up with y’all and show you some sneaky peaks at some of the stuff I’ve been working on, I can do a little Instagram Catch-Up and share with you some of the little snaps I’ve taken along the way. So, here goes!


One of the first things you need to know before you follow me on Instagram is that I snap pics of these two brats a LOT. I’m a crazy cat man. I’m not even ashamed about it.


But, I also take pics of all my projects in varying stages of completions, like this sock. I’m a big fan of train knitting so that happens fairly often. (To the top left of the finished sock pic, you can see a bit of cat-butt. See!? I even snap them when I’m not even trying!) I just made this pattern up to test out doing afterthought heels. Pretty happy with the outcome!


I’ve been playing Civilization V on my iMac a lot lately since our consoles were stolen. Which is rarely a good idea on school nights because I may or may not have been up playing well into the wee hours of the morning on a few occasions. It’s a pretty epic game, y’all!

I’ve also had a voracious appetite for some delicious, shimmery pop so I haven’t strayed too far from my K-Pop and J-Pop playlists. This one features Meisa Kuroki, Crystal Kay, Perfume and Sophia (who are more rock, actually).


I made some fingerless mitts for my friend Seth! The pattern is “Swirling Gauntlets” by Susanna IC and I have to say, it was a super fun knit. I gave them to him before I could take decent pics, but I did snap a few on IG. I found that my cast on stitches for the thumb hole were a bit loose and messy even though I even did them on a smaller needle. I think next time I’ll just knit in waste yarn, rip it out later and bind off the live stitches with a stretchy bind-off.


I also take random shots while I’m out about. Here I am looking rather pleased because the weather finally allows me to rug up and wear scrummy warm things. My eyes are so beady! Oy. That fair isle hat – though you can’t see it very well here – is incredible, and it was made by friend Jen over at Little Yellow Cat. I’m somewhat obsessed with it. Then we have the lights of Melbourne! I’m completely enamored with good ol’ Melbs, and I’m loving the miserable, wet, cold weather. Yeah, I’m one of those people.


Here’s a sneaky peak of the Dartmore hat that I’ve been wrestling with. Well, I finally finished it and it’s in the post as we speak to my bestie, Panda! I miss her a lot, so I decided I’d send her a big ol’ care package stuffed with goodies including this hat. I sewed a little tag in the back so she can tell the front from the back easily, because there’s a slightly visible squiggle up the back where the rounds join. I’ll write more about it when she models it for me and sends me some pics.

But that’s all I have you for today! I have another project that I’m properly dying to share with you, but I need to get some decent pics.

But how have YOU been!? Sharezies!



20 thoughts on “Instagram Catch-Up!

  1. Oh my goodness, I spent so much of my time playing Civ V not too long ago! I kind of had to give it up because I wasn’t getting anything else done in my spare time. That hat looks absolutely gorgeous, lucky you!

    • It’s evil like that, isn’t it!? So easy to sink hours and hours into it before you even realize. I’m glad you were able to pull yourself away from it! For the best. hehe

    • A weed is just a plant in the wrong place. That sounds a bit like me! You might be right, Pippa! I think the dandelion might just be my flower. ^_~

  2. I love the swirling mitts! They look fab ^_^ Also I totally understand your happiness at being able to wear woolen garments! I’m wearing my zombie mitts right now and I’m so pleased to finally get some use out of them! ^_^

    • They were a fun knit! And pretty quick too. The cables are a little easier if you do them magic loop or two circs, but I did one of them on DPNs which was… an experience. Not unpleasant though. lol

      Zombie mitts! So awesome.

  3. Hey Raynor – I’m so glad you’re still loving the hat. It’s always great to see a handknit treated with the care and respect that it deserves. I might have to write up the pattern. I’ll call it The Raynor Slouch Beanie.

    -x Jen

    • I do still love it! I pretty much only wear it or my Fenimore. And I tell everyone how amazing you are when they ask about it. Goodness! I’d probs die if you did! How’re the Bendi preparations going? x

  4. omigosh raynie! looks like you’ve been a busy busy bear. i need to get an iphone so i can instagram more regularly. it’s weird to take my ipad everywhere. i promise i’m going to email you on wednesday 🙂

    • I have been! Phew! I need to catch up on my blog posts (both writing and reading!), but I’m cheeky and I always catch-up on Knitxcore at work. Shhh! Can’t wait for an email! Excitement plus!

  5. Hi there– I found your blog a couple of months ago, on my search for a good Totoro cross-stitch pattern (also subbed to you on facebook). Your own pattern is nice (your phone case came out really well!)–but I also found your entire blog full of other interesting things. I envy your knitting–I’ve never been able to pick it up–both grandmothers and my mother tried to show me–but my stitches were always too tight. I can crochet granny squares alright though (have made several afghans for babies, and cats, and helped make others–making one for older sister right now)–so maybe I’ll try knitting again sometime. Your cats are fluffy and cute, but I haven’t seen any other pics of them other than the recent Instagrams. I must have missed the the others >< I was interested in looking at your k-pop and j-pop playlists, also…can you direct me? Curious to know who you admire/love.

    • Hi Elyse!

      I’m so pleased you found me! You should definitely give the knitting another go. It can be a bit of a gear shift from crochet, but you’ll get it! If you like crochet, try knitting continental style. My Ma tried to teach me English method, but it just didn’t work. Having the working yarn in your left hand and picking it with the right needle feels much more similar to crochet. Also, if your knitting is tight, try using a thicker needle! My tension is very tight so I always go up a size (if it says to use a 4mm, I use a 4.5mm).

      I post little picture-playlists and cat pics on Instagram fairly often, but if you’re interested, I can post them to the Facebook page too. ^_^

      Thanks again so much for the kind words! And I hope you stick around. Feel absolutely free to ask questions or share your own projects and such on the Facebook page; I want to a build a fun community over there. ^_^

      – R

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