My Father, The Bonsai Master

Gentle reader,

I love my folks. I’m properly close to my Ma and Pa. Sometimes I suspect I’m adopted because they’re far more awesome than I could ever hope to be. My Pa is one of those people who are so talented at everything that it makes the color drain from your face and throw up in your mouth a little bit because you may as well pack up and go home, but in a good way.  ^_~

One of his more recent hobbies is bonsai plants. The other week he sent me an email with some photos of his plants as some of them were in flower. I was so taken with them that I simply had to share them with you.

Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Ralphie,

Not sure if this is going to work, but here goes.
I have attached some photos of by bonsais, the bougainvillea is just gorgeous and my desert rose is just starting to flower, it’s pretty too.

Luv Pa.

His nickname for me is Ralphie. None of us remember why. When I asked him if there was any info he particularly wanted me to include, he said “Just point out that my bonsai  skills are still in their infancy.” If these are his amateur bonsai, I’m fairly certain that his expert ones will make my eyes bleed with awe and incredulity. But anyway, here’s the bougainvillea; isn’t it a thing to behold?

The little thing in the corner of the pot is a little ceramic pagoda. I also feel a bit bad for cropping of Buddha’s head! Oops! Sorry, B-man!

This one is the desert rose. Isn’t it wonderful!? I wish I’d inherited Pa’s green thumb, but unfortunately I haven’t had tooooo much luck so far. Maybe I’ll have another attempt at gardening at our next house. But, I’ll leave the bonsai to him… that’d be biting off a bit more than I can chew, I think!

Pa has lots of other amazing hobbies that I’m sure I’ll share with you sooner or later. He also does decorative knot work (more in the maritime knot tradition rather than macrame, I think. It’s a bit different) which is kind of amazeballs. I have a rope mat that he made me, and some key chain charms. I love ’em!

Thanks for letting me brag about my Pa! I do adore him so. I’ll have some more knitting and crochet for you very soon! The last few posts have been all sorts of different things – I hope you liked ’em – but don’t worry, the yarn-iness will be back, I promise!

What interesting hobbies and talents are there within your family? It’s your turn to brag about your famz in the comments! Sharezies!


10 thoughts on “My Father, The Bonsai Master

  1. Your Pa’s Bonsai skills look fabulous to me. Would love to see his knot-work too. I love the idea of the bougainvillea in Bonsai form because they can be quite a wild rambling plant. Love the idea of it being “tamed” in Bonsai form. Lovely lovely. I love your yarny posts but also love the non-yarn ones. Keep ’em coming x

    • Yes, that’s what I thought when he told me he was doing a bougainvillea bonsai. I always think of them as these giant blobs of flowers and greenery. He’s shaped it beautifully!

      Thanks so much, Sandra! I like that I can share other things and you’re all pleased to come along with me. ^_^

  2. Wow, they look fab! The bougainvillea is particularly lovely ^_^ I’d love to see your Dad’s knotwork as well! I’ve never seen knotwork before, and I love being introduced to new crafts ^_^

    My dad does woodwork and I am such a huge fan of this creations; he built me two bookcases which I adore – one even has a secret compartment! And my mum is a super keen (and very good!) photographer … I wish I had her skillz! ^_^ Thanks for letting me brag about my family! ~_^

  3. Wow! These are amazing – such a talented dad! I love hearing about crafty parents. My mum used to crochet and embroider before she got arthritis in her hands, she’s also pretty good at growing roses. My dad sews extremely well, and is a bit of a techie – he’s built every computer in our house, and a few hardcore gaming PCs for people too. I consider myself pretty lucky to live in a house with parents who are so into making things with their hands, and it’s definitely rubbed off on me haha!

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