20 thoughts on “A New Logo For The Shy Lion, A-Woo!

    • Haha, well, one just didn’t feel logo-y. I still was really pleased with the yarn-nomming lion. Perhaps I’ll use him for something else. ^_^

      Thanks so much!!

    • I agree 1000% with Zeaiia. Incidentaly, what a pretty name.
      I so enjoy Shy lion, and look forward to “news” of your latest activities and your comical take on things.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with it! I think it’s more “me” than the green ball logo was (though, I did like it too, ’twas just a bit too plain).

    • Thanks, Pippa! I do have a nasty habit and getting lazy and catching up with peeps on Instagram instead of on their blogs, even though I read them. But, nothing beats a proper comment on your blog does it? It’s more special. ^_^

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