Pepsi Max Kick: A Review In Pictures

Gentle reader,

Here’s a thing you may not know about me: I don’t drink. Nor do I smoke or have a ghastly drug habit. But, I do have nasty habits that aren’t good for me. One of those is soda. I LOVE soda. I try really hard not to drink too much – with varying degrees of success – but, I love, love, love it. I rank my favorite sodas in the same way a fancy-schmancy wine taster might compile a best-of list for a hoighty-toighty magazine.


My favorites are the Pepsi family of sodas and my bestie, Panda, also has a well-developed Pepsi-fancy. Recently, Pepsi released a new drink – presumably to compete with the “power drink” market – named “Pepsi Max Kick”. I was ever so excited. I ran out and bought two cans and I sent Panda a message:

I got two! One for me and one for you (which I shall drink in your honor – thought maybe not all at once in case my head ‘splodes)

To which she replied:


Well, naturally, I complied with her request, and I did so in pictures. And so, gentle reader, for your consumer information, I present you a pictorial review of the beverage “Pepsi Max Kick”.


It all starts with a “ksssshhhhhtt”.

Mmm… tastes like Pepsi Max, but, like… more.

You may also notice that I forgot it was still winter and decided it would be a good idea to shave my head. O_O
Oh, Little Stupid.

I approve.

I DO love you, Pepsi! Don’t ever leave me!

Twice the caffeine? Indeed!


The excitement took its toll.

Please also take note of my extreme lack of neck. I’ve always wished for an actual neck, alas.

It’s THAT good.

What? That’s it?

Swift onset withdrawal.

Grief and acceptance.

In conclusion, I would like them to start selling Pepsi Max Kick in 2L bottles. I don’t even care if it shuts my body down one organ at a time… such a sweet way to go…

In seriousness, it tastes just like Pepsi Max, but slightly more flavorful. I didn’t really go bonkers on it, it’s not that intense, but I’ll qualify that by saying things don’t seem to quite affect me as easily – it’s like trying to drug a buffalo. But, I think it provides a good alternative for a caffeine boost to people who, like me, don’t drink coffee and think power drinks taste like fetid cat urine.

Also, please note that this was in no way a paid advertisement by Pepsi…. but it could be! If you’re reading, Pepsi, have your people call my people, we’ll do lunch.

What’re your habits that you can’t kick even if you know better? Sharezies! Don’t let me suffer alone! Hehe ^_~


12 thoughts on “Pepsi Max Kick: A Review In Pictures

  1. Oh man…you are precious and I love your photo series, which had me smiling till my cheeks ached.
    I do have coffee every day and a little wine occassionally – but no sweet soda drinks at all, so I’m afraid I’m only with you in spirit – so glad you shared though. πŸ™‚

  2. First, the pics are SUPER adorable!! Second, I have been in love with Diet Pepsi since 10th grade, so um a LONG time! lol Third, also fries, I don’t care what kind of fries (home fries, McD’s, BK, the fancy ‘battered’ ones you get at Popeyes) I love them ALL.

  3. Hey Raynor!
    Just wanted to say I too am a soda addict but my addiction lays with the Coke family. I am a Coke addict. I LOVE full strength Coke but will drink Zero in hopes of fooling myslef I am being healthy & if I am really in a bind, I’ll drink diet, but I wont be happy. I do sway into Pepsi land, (mainly when I am indulging in a certain terrible -for- you fried chicken) but my first love will always be Coke…..I do not even dare try this new variety of Pepsi as it may just be the end of me!
    Glad to hear of another person who stays off the grog & drugs but goes hard on the soda. ( Raises a can of soda- because cans are the BEST way to drink soda unless you can get it post mix with ice & a straw) “May our teeth not rot with the abundance of sugar & may our tummies not get too bloated from the overload of gases!”

  4. Bahahahaaaa! You are just the funniest. And I do understand the Pepsi max addiction – it is the one and only fizzy drink I like! I think I will have to stay clear of this new one though, I try not to drink Pepsi too often and and a Pepsi with extra super Pepsi powers might make that very hard! πŸ™‚

  5. You’re hilarious ^_^ I love the photo of the sudden onset withdrawal!

    My addiction is a weird one … I can’t stop eating cacciatore (if I buy it). I’ll buy one and be like, “just a little bit, you can make it last!” and then ten minutes later it’s all gone >_< Luckily, I can't get the really good stuff since I moved from my home town, which is really helping control this addiction. And provide a good incentive to visit my parents regularly ~_^

  6. My addiction? Nutella. Ahhh, Nutella…Just thinking about it makes me drool. It requires no vehicle besides my spoon. And I do not share. Get your own.

  7. I’m so glad that isn’t sold over here – I’d have a heart attack after the first can. Or more likely just never sleep again!
    I have no addictions. Now if you’ll excuse me, my huge pile of chocolate brazil nuts is calling me. Mmmm…

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