Giving Is Properly Awesome: Brooklyn Tweed Kits

All images used in this post are property of Brooklyn Tweed and were taken directly from the BT website. I claim no ownership at all.

Gentle reader,

I know I promised you the story of the sock that never ends, but, I couldn’t get the pics I wanted and something turned up in my Facebook feed that made me legit actual squeal with delight, so I wanted to talk to you about that instead. The never-ending sock will follow soon, I promise.

Now, gather round close and let’s keep it all secretive and whispery, because we don’t want any of our crafty loved ones to hear or it might ruin the surprise. But, remember how I told you that I’m a TOTAL Jared Flood aka Brooklyn Tweed superfan? His patterns are basically knitting crack. Well, just in time for Christmas, Brooklyn Tweed have made available the most incredible knitting kits all done up in beautiful brown-paper-and-twine gift packs! I know, right? Your heart is beating so fast with excitement that you may as well be a terrified guinea pig at this point. Except, y’know, not terrified or dropping pooplets (that’s a portmanteau of “poop” and “pellets”, because… words), but I digress…

There are four kits available: two hats, Habitat and Rosebud – both of which are cabled to perfection – and two shawls, Sempervivum and Guernsey Wrap – which look so scrumptious I could eat them. Each kit includes a copy of the pattern and the required yarn, and it’s all packaged up beautifully and sent your way. Just read this description from the site:

“Each kit ships in our BT monogrammed brown bag tied with baker’s twine. Inside, you’ll find tissue-wrapped skeins of yarn nestled together with a beautifully printed pattern folio – everything your knitter needs for a lovely hand-making experience.”

Not gonna lie, my eyes rolled back into my head a lil bit at “tissue-wrapped skeins of yarn nestled together…”. That’s my jam. My JA-YUM. Can I please have all my yarns tissue-wrapped and nestled together, plzkthnxbai? Oy.

I’ve ordered two “Habitat” kits for gifties, and I can’t wait to get them and give them. I hope they get here before Christmas, but Australia Post is… special. I’m a fiend for giving, y’all. I’m so bad that if I buy a gift well ahead of time, it’s nearly impossible for me to wait until the date. I’ll pester the recipient constantly – “Are you SURE you want to wait, because you can totally open it now…”, so it’ll be super tough to wait until Christmas to get to see the contents of those beautiful brown paper parcels (totes not gonna wait until Christmas, honest truth. Santa’s coming early for someone, I’ll tell you that much). I’ll totally let you know what I think when it happens.

The links to the individual patterns are above, and you can get a gander at all of them here.

What about you? Do you have any knitting buddies that you want to drop some love on (ahem… maybe yourself? It’s okay, I give you permission. I’m always happy to enable)? Which kit will you get? What other gift ideas do you have for your crafty friends? Are you in a crafting frenzy leading up to Christmas? I have questions, people! And I need answers! Stick them in the comments below and I’ll love you forever. Also, this is a massive bolded asking-you-beautiful-peeps-questions-blog-post-conclusion! Sorry! (Not sorry, it’s awesome, yeah?).


7 thoughts on “Giving Is Properly Awesome: Brooklyn Tweed Kits

  1. OH my! I love them, the description, the pictures. TO DIE FOR! I’ve knitted 2 pairs of socks for Christmas (a pair for each of the twins) and crocheted G a scarf. I think that’s all the craftiness I had planned. I may do some holiday baking for work peeps, or maybe for the last Thursday in December for knitting peeps!

  2. I’ve only just found this entry (managed to miss it before, no idea how…) – VERY impressed with you for keeping things quiet! :-)))

    My Christmas crafting is all done – another pair of socks for my father-in-law, another shawlette for my mother-in-law, and her first pair of socks from me. Husband’s getting a bought gift – a voucher to a cooking school at a winery – am hoping he’ll love it!

    (he’s happy to wait for more socks – the only handknits he’s interested in – doesn’t need them til the weather gets colder again)

    And now I wanna make a hat for me!!! ;-D

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