Charity Is Fun, Y’all! Also, My Birthday.

Gentle reader,

So, it’ my birthday tomorrow (Friday). It’s not generally a thing I announce or make a big deal about. I’m such a brat about it; I leave any thought of a party or dinner or whatever to the last minute. I’m not all “I hate birthdays and I’m dead inside! I give puppies the stinkeye! Someone call the WAHHHmbulance!” or anything. I’m just all, if I manage to throw something together that’s great, if not, doesn’t matter (which is basically my default approach to socializing. I’m so bad at it!).

But why am I telling you all about my birthday? Well, this year, instead of having a party or dinner or anything, I’ve decided to have a charity fundraising campaign! There’s this properly fantastic organization called My Charity Water. Basically, they have a platform for you to have your own fundraising campaign, and then all the money goes to fund clean water projects in developing countries. Don’t you think that’s so neat!? My campaign is here.

If this appeals to you, and you’d like to donate to my birthday campaign, I would be legit actual stoked (and let’s be honest, I’d probs cry a little, because this really special to me). And feel free to share it around on FB or whatever.

I feel like a bit of a weirdo asking for money, but really, I’m not asking for myself. And I’m only asking if it’s something you’d be interested in doing. I know Christmas is on its way so money can be tight and there’s nothing worse than when people make you feel like poop because you can’t afford to help, so I’m not going to be a pushy jerk about it. It’s just a fun, nice thing to do if you schwanna. And y’all are fun, nice people! Hurray!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done for your birthday? Do you have a charity you like to support? Share the love and post ’em below!


2 thoughts on “Charity Is Fun, Y’all! Also, My Birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday to my coolest email writer. I so look forward to hearing of your adventures which are always interspersed with a wicked wry sense of humour.
    I hope yo uare having a well deserved cool birthday.

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