I’m Legit Actual Super Attractive (Disclaimer: this statement is of questionable veracity)

Gentle reader,

Well, it has been a while, though not eons, but I’m ever so glad to see your lovely faces again (thought I guarantee you won’t be thinking the same thing towards me after this post!). And sure, I can’t actually see your faces, but I imagine them, and they are indeed extremely lovely.


Since we last spent time together, I had a three week vacation during which I went up north to Queensland to see family and friends. I shopped with my Judy, I laughed until my insides hurt with my Panda, I was trapped by floods at the home of my Rob and my Alf (which is more or less like being trapped at Disneyland with you nearest and dearest – TOTES AWESOME), and then I spent a glorious week and a bit with Ma and Pa and the fam. I also knit A LOT. But, of course, I didn’t take many pictures. Ooops. They will happen though. I’ll send instructions for my Ma to model her birthday knits and my Pa to photograph them. But also, I ACTUALLY PROBABLY DIED FROM THE HEAT AND HUMIDITY. Seriously, you guys. Never book a trip to Queensland in summer. Especially if you’re a ginger. I’ve only just recovered from my cooked-zombie-ness. Gross.

Speaking of gross, I have a new favorite thing to do. It’s not really crafty. Since I got home, I have had a super lot of time for crafting. But you know what I ALWAYS have time for? SILLINESS! And my new favorite thing to do is to pull incredibly unattractive, horrid, weirdo faces and message them to my friends. Don’t you just WISH I had your phone number!? Haha! Nevermind! You won’t miss out. We are friends of a sort, aren’t we, gentle reader? I don’t want to leave you out of the shenanigans, so of course I’ll share my revolting mug with you!

faces 1

I know, right? You’re swooning at your computer right now, yeah? ^_^

These ones are my favorite:

faces 2Sometimes I hate my ginormous lips, but they’re good for pulling faces, I’ll give ’em that much.

It all started with Valentine’s Day. I was at home and The Beard was at work, so I sent this beauty to his work email:

valentine faceBro-mance at its thrilling best, yes?

Thank you so much for coming along on this bizarre interlude with me, and I promise there will be some proper crafty posts coming up. In the meantime, I implore you all to engage in some silly abandon!

Perhaps sending weirdo faces to your friends isn’t quite your jam, but I’m sure you all have your own crazy flavor of carry-on! And I’d love to hear about it! Share your tomfoolery in the comments or your pics on the Facebook page! Hurray!



3 thoughts on “I’m Legit Actual Super Attractive (Disclaimer: this statement is of questionable veracity)

  1. I love your funny faces! ^_^ My crazy is that I love to dance and sing in the lifts – I’m really glad my work doesn’t have cameras installed in there! ~_^

  2. This made me laugh at my desk 🙂 That’s hysterical!! Makes me wonder about what other hilariousness happens that doesn’t make the blog, or are steps building to a blog – hahahahahaa. VERY funny.
    My carry on is bringing my fantasyland into other peoples reality. I just drift in and out without warning. I had a friend say to me: I know you’re not crazy. I know you know that this stuff isn’t real – but you’re sooo convincing!

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