I Made An Animal Curtain For My Bathroom!

Gentle reader,

How are you? Good? Great!

Today’s post is just a little fun thing I did the other day. El Beardo and I were home on the weekend, and while he was playing Guild Wars 2, I was literally pacing around the living area moaning about how I wanted to make something but couldn’t decide what to do. I was SO annoying. I looked through all my craft books, grumbled a bit and put them back. Paced more. Looked through my craft books again. Put them back. Huffed.

This went on for maybe twenty minutes, before I pulled out some fabric I’d bought a few months ago and had a light bulb moment, fiiiinnnallly!

Curtain header

It’s a -very- synthetic fiber, but the print was so cute that I had bought it in both blue and green, but didn’t have any plans for it. When I pulled it out, the size, color and the material content made it seems totes obvious: a bathroom curtain! Our bathroom is blue tile with a tall, narrow window of frosted glass. The window opens to the walkway between apartments on our floor. Even though I’m sure no-one in my building has ever glimpsed me in the nuddie nor would want to, I find it properly creepy to be in the bathroom (for whatever reason) and then see the shadowy forms of people walking past. It doesn’t happen often but no, sir, I don’t like it. So this was perfect!

curtain 2

The best thing about the whole deal is that the print features a lion! Yessaaahh! I could live without the monkeys – MONKEYS TOTALLY CREEP ME OUT, THEY WILL LEGIT ACTUAL KILL YOU AND AREN’T CUTE TRUE FACTS – but, the rest of ’em are pretty gosh darn cute, y’all.

Method-wise, it was ridiculously simple, also kind of boring, so unless you want to know how to do it for yourself, you could skip over it and your life would not be incomplete.

The fabric was the right size to begin with, so after having a stern talking to my serger for being a capital ‘B’ Butthole and not cooperating at first, I overlocked the edges. Then I set up my regular machine and did a single-folded hem around the bottom and two sides. The reason I overlocked and single-folded the hems instead of doing a regular double-folded hem was because I didn’t want to add to much weight to the hems, and I didn’t want to lose much width.

Next, I folded the top hem and pressed it. I made it a wee bit wider that the sides because this would be the fabric above the casing and sits above the curtain rod. Then, I took some bias binding that was two to three inches wide and ironed open one of the folds. Then, I finished the ends to be slightly shorter than the width of the curtain. I placed the bias binding on the back of the curtain beneath the top hem so that the hem and the opened flap of the binding overlapped. Then, I sewed the hem which also sewed the top, opened edge of the binding. Then I sewed the bottom edge of the binding which made a casing about an inch-and-a-half to two inches wide.


Then, I hung it in the bathroom window using an adjustable curtain rod from Daiso (do you sense a theme in my life?). Shazam! No perves can get a look-in! Y’know, not that that was really a problem I’ve ever had, but I mean… Our bathroom is a bit dark and pokey so it was hard to get a decent pic, but this should give you an idea.

curtain 1

Have you had some craft DIY fun-taimz!? Share ’em in the comments or on Facebook! Sharing is caring, y’all. 



6 thoughts on “I Made An Animal Curtain For My Bathroom!

  1. Verrry cute! How good are adjustable curtain rods! When I lived in Japan we had adjustable hanging rods in our wardrobes. They were very cool but strange that they didn’t build the wardrobe with hanging rods already in it, isn’t it?

  2. Great job! I love your pretty blue tiles as well – our bathroom is very boring and neutral! >_< I wish there was a Daiso in Perth, all the cool things you get from there really makes me want to visit! ^_^

  3. So so cute! I’m coming right over to your place to see.

    (Actually, with Amy next week. Hope you don’t mind! Can’t wait to see you!)

  4. You have a serger too? You are a proper sewist! I haven’t made anything with the sewing machine since my cushion covers… must do something soon.

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