Macaroni The Yellow Cat!

Macaroni headerGentle reader,

I have a new little critter to introduce to you, but first I have a few points of news for you!

1. When The Shy Lion Facebook page hits 300 “likes”, I’m going to do a SUPER TOTES PROPERLY AWESOME GIVEAWAY! I hope I’m not overselling it, but I think it’ll be pretty neat, so if you haven’t “liked” le Lion du Shy on FB yet, you can go do that here (but only if you schwanna, FB ain’t for everyone, I know, it’s cool, we can just be friends here, because you’re neat and I like you!).

2. I added the sprites and this new critter I’m about to show you to my Etsy store, so if you want a little crocheted friend, you can get your Picard on and ‘make it so’ (that was terrible, I’m not mad though).


But, now, I wanna introduce you to Macaroni the Yellow Cat!

I had this yellow yarn which is an acrylic one from – yet again – Daiso (I’m properly addicted, don’t judge me). I really liked it and so I just started crocheting without a clear plan. At some point I decided I wanted to make a cat that could sit on his little tushie, so I sewed his legs on at the edge of his body. I think he turned out pretty great. He’s a little roly-poly, but once he’s settled he sits quite happily.

macaroni 1

I’m super pleased with his face. I decided he just had to have whiskers; it’s one of my fave little embellishments to make. If I’m honest, I do have to admit that this particular yarn was a little bit difficult to work with. It was a little sticky and not as cooperative as I’d have liked, which wasn’t so bad when crocheting, but became a problem when I was stitching him together. It was super hard to get the stitches to sit right and be neat. But, I got there, and it was worth it because I think he came good in the end.

macaroni 2

He’s about three or four inches tall, and in that third pic, he’s sitting on the spool of thread I used to make his whiskers. I’m so hardcore in love with that thread. I’ll be so upset when I’ve used it all up.

And, if you want Macaroni to come live with you, you can buy him in my Etsy store! Hurray! The other cool thing I have to tell you is that while I was making this little guy, I also wrote the pattern for him! I’ll have it up this week, and it’ll be available here and on Ravelry.  Once that’s done, I might film a few tutorial videos for some of the stitch techniques used, so keep your peepers peeped for that!

Do you love cats? Have you ever had a yellow or marmalade one? Feel free to post you cat pics on the FB page! Love me some cat pics!



8 thoughts on “Macaroni The Yellow Cat!

  1. So cute! :3 I have never had a cat before, except for one night when our dog found a lost kitten. The kitten was very cute, and luckily got to go home the next day. I do like cats though, and will have to make myself one with your new pattern once it’s out ^_^

  2. He’s adorable! And with a name to suit him well =) Great job with the pattern, I can’t wait to try it out! I’ll take notes and let you know how it goes!

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