New Amigurumi Pattern! Sittin’ Kitty!

Gentle reader,

I’m SUPER EXCITED to share with you my first pattern! Remember Macaroni the yellow cat from my last post? Well, now you can make your own little kitty buddy! Download it here or on my downloads page and on Ravelry. Or click the pic below!

sittin kitty

It’s FREE for the next month! Here’s the deal. I’ve proofread it (though I’m notorious for missing things; I think it’s because I know what I’m trying to say so my mind autocorrects things as I read it back. I’m such a dumbo), and I’ve not had it test-crocheted just yet. I will be having it test crocheted in the next few weeks though, so after a month I’ll start charging a couple dollars for it. So, get into it now, peeps! I’m cray-to-the-azy excited, and I can’t wait to see any kitties you guys make. Feel totally free to email me pics or share them on the Facebook page!

If I find any errors over the next few weeks or while I have it test-crocheted, I’ll update the file on the downloads page. If you happen to find any, check there first to see if there are any new revisions (the revision number and date is in the footer) before emailing. But, if you have the most recent revision and have found errors, definitely email me!

Also, keep your eye on The Shy Lion because I’ll be filming a few tutorial videos (definitely for the invisible decrease and the magic ring technique) so if you’re a bit unsure of things, I’ll have you covered. ^_~

Do you think you’ll make a Sittin’ Kitty? I hope you will!



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