Giveaway Prize Reveal!! A-wooooo!

Gentle reader,

The prize reveals begin in no particular order, starting now! Are you excited!? Are you giddy with delight? Is your extreme enthusiasm causing you to bleed from the nose!? (If you said yes to that last one, rein it in, Betty-Lou. Bit much.)

First up is…


KnitCubby Prize 1

Look at ’em! Ain’t they super properly neat!? When the winners are announced, Brittanny will send a set of these out to the lucky knitter who snags ’em. And I hope you’ll become a KnitCubby addict like me (check out my review here). I totally adore these stitch markers and Brittanny has become a huge supporter of The Shy Lion, which I’m so grateful for.

KnitCubby Prize 2

So! If you want to win these markers (or any of the other prizes to be revealed), stay tuned for the giveaway details. And a huge thank you to Brittanny of KnitCubby for her generosity  Y’all should show her some love by checking out her store on Etsy, here!


All image credits for this post go to Brittany/KnitCubby. These are used for illustration only, and may not be the actual set given as a gift. 


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