Knitted Gifts Are Warm And Fuzzy In Two Ways

Gentle reader,

Some people don’t care much for cold mornings and winter days, even many of the knitters and crocheters I know! But I love them. And you know what I love about them even more? I can wear the knitted gifts I’ve received! And that’s pretty amazeballs.


This beautiful hat was knitted by my beautiful friend Jules from Woollenflower. It’s from a Brooklyn Tweed pattern – Vega by Alexis Winslow – and I think the yarn is Morris Norway 10ply.

And don’t I look pleased about it! It was so snug and warm. This knitted gift keeps me warm and fuzzy on my head and in my heart, and I’m not even mad about how cheesy that sounded. ^_~

Are you knitting any gifties at the moment? Share in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Knitted Gifts Are Warm And Fuzzy In Two Ways

  1. That’s a truly gorgeous beanie. It goes so well with your new glasses too.
    I knitted one for my Dad, it’s stretched and wonky but he still merrily wears it on his walks to the shops. Love multiplied by a zillion.

  2. I agree with Sandra – you look very snazzy in your hat and new glasses! ^_^ I just finished crocheting a hat for my baby cousin, so it’s time for me to start another project! Huzzah!

  3. I’m knitting a gift right now! A wedding gift of smittens for a friend. The couple will each get one mitten and a shared smitten so that they can hold hands 🙂

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