The Dutch Baby Project – Video Update


Gentle reader,

Please enjoy this video update, and try to forgive the excessive “umms” and “sos” – sitting by yourself in your apartment talking to a camera takes some getting used to – as I update you on the progress (however derailed) of The Dutch Baby Project.

Adore you and your little cotton socks.



2 thoughts on “The Dutch Baby Project – Video Update

  1. Raynor, I loved your video! I feel like I would be at a very high level of awkward speaking on camera, but you are super sweet and cute! For the last baby gift that I made for a colleague, I waited until she brought the baby into work for a visit before I gave it to her. This was 100% because I didn’t finish it before she went on maternity leave but it ended up being nice because we had a morning tea when she came to visit and giving a present made it feel more like a party! The shawl looks amazing so I hope the yarn comes quickly so you can finish it. Baby booties are a great idea, they work up quickly because they are so tiny. Also I have a tip for baby hats: if you make a bigger baby hat with a lattice style edging around the bottom, you can weave a ribbon through it and then it makes the hat a little bit adjustable so they can wear it when they are small as well. Also also, I would love to see your book reviews! Sorry for this very long comment ^___^

  2. Raynor – like Lisa, I loved your video!! You are so engaging, funny and sincere – loved this! Don’t worry about any of these projects – you will get them done when you get them done and your boss will love them before and after the baby! The shawl is beautiful (off to go get that copy of PomPom lol)
    Your writing is great and the video is even better – thank you!
    Book reviews would be nice too – thanks again! You are adorable!

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