Macaroni The Yellow Cat!

Macaroni headerGentle reader,

I have a new little critter to introduce to you, but first I have a few points of news for you!

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I Have So Many Loves For GlassTieStudio

Gentle reader,

I’m pretty lucky. Like, so lucky it’s almost cray-to-the-azy. One of the ways in which I am lucky is that I have some of the best ladies in the world in my life. One of those ladies is one of my dearest, most precious, delightfulest friends Elise (we totes went to prom together where we made everyone jealous of how awesome we are, or at least, that’s my story ^_~ ). She’s one of the most unique, beautiful people I’ve ever met, and she’s in New Zealand living her dream working for WETA now. Are you totes jel? Sure you are, natch. We also share a determined vow to find a portal to Narnia. We leave no wardrobe un-rummaged!

Now, Elise’s mother is one of those other amazing ladies. Beth is super-extra-special to me, because when I was in America, I really missed my Ma (I’m an only child, so my parents were – still are! – my besties), so, I borrowed Elise’s mom to get my mothering fix. I think of her as my American Mom or my MeriMom, as I call her. You can’t not love her! Impossible! She’s the most! And making some foreign-stranger-child feel welcome and safe is a gift that could only come from a capital-G Good heart. But, why am I gushing like a babbling brook about her? Cuz she’s also an incredible glass artist, and she’s just opened an Etsy store too, and I wanna show her off!

GlassTieStudio is amazeballs. No lie.

Those colors! That plate! Are you dying? You should totally go there and add her to your fave stores. G’on! Get and do it HERE! So much loves.

Who Has An Etsy Store? Mr. Thumbs Over Here!

Gentle reader,

The title of this post probably makes no sense to you right now because for it to work you’d need to see me pointing at myself with my thumbs… so, read that title over again and image me doing just that. Thanks for humoring me; you’re the best! ^_~

But, the point is, I have an Etsy store now! Hurrah! You can find it here. There are eleven amigurumi for sale at the moment, and I’ll probably add a few more smaller items over the next week. Also, I will be taking custom orders via Etsy too.

Cute critters for sale!

And as a special treat to all my lovely blog followers who make me feel all happy and squishy every time you say hello or leave a comment, I’m going to be giving out coupon codes for 15% off any item in my store. All you have to do is to leave a comment asking for one, and I’ll email it out to you. I’ll be giving out the codes until the end of February (though, if you miss that end date, try anyway, you might be lucky ^_~ ), and the code will be valid until the end of March.

Also, if you have an Etsy store of your own, feel free to share a link in the comments! ^_~