Excitement Plus!

Gentle reader,

If you are signed up to the Facebook page you might already know, but something super duper extra exciting happened over the weekend! The lovely folks over at Frankie Magazine featured The Shy Lion on their website!

Oh, look! That’s me! *ded* – clickity-clack to look at that –

If you’ve never feasted your lovely peepers on an issue of Frankie Magazine or their website, you truly are depriving yourself of some serious blissful stuff! I heart them so intensely and back in my poorer days I would forgo a meal to buy the next issue. Yes, I used to be that poor (and that in love with Frankie!) so for them to notice little ol’ me… well, suffice it to say that I’ll be shivering with wide-eyed glee like an overstimulated chihuahua for weeks to come.

They featured my Totoro iPhone case, which peeps seem to love so that’s very nice! If you’re new to The Shy Lion, or you missed it, you can see the finished product here, and get the free cross stitch chart here. Best of all, you can do anything with the chart, not just an iPhone case!

But, the excitement doesn’t stop there! The incomparable Pip Lincolne, the editor of JustB. has been so kind as to let me write an article for them! I’m totes stoked because it’s about my Mama, and I love her face off so much it’ll be hard to stick to a word limit! I’ll keep you posted on when it goes up.

The next goal? Get published in actual, physical, on-paper print! Hmm, we shall see. ^_~

What’re your fave publications to read? Sharezies!


Of Squishable Yarns… For Keeps!

Gentle reader,

I wasn’t able to post on the weekend, but never fear, I have made my decision on the winner of a ball of yarn featured in the Meet Me At Mike’s Good Stuff Holiday Guide!


Well, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one! So, there are a few winners.

First up is Trish, because she was so prepared that she even has a project in mind for it.

Next is Marg just because she used the word Katamari. Oh, I love those games. Oy.

Melissa is next, because she always leaves the most lovely comments; they feel like a conversation. ^_^

And lastly is Robbie from Knitxcore, because I had to let one of the fellas win ^_~

So, if you peeps could please email me your postal address at the.shy.lion@aol.com, I’ll pop a parcel in the post soon. I’m going to pick the yarn arbitrarily but if you’re really, desperately hankering for a particular one, lemme know (although, the Norway is taken already… for my cardigan!)

That’s all from me today! Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

– R

In Which I Espouse The Virtues Of A Selection of Yarns

Gentle reader,

I’m a bit slow on the uptake with this one, but a while back I wrote an article for Pip Lincolne‘s Good Stuff Holiday Guide. In my article, I write about six of my favorite yarns and why I heart the gosh-darn crap outta them. It’s not a definitive list because I tried to cover a nice spread of fibre types, weights and prices – not all of my faves made it in – but they’re all worthy of the praise.

Image Credit: Pip Lincolne, Meet Me At Mike's

Click the pic to go read it! My article is on pages 98 – 99, so have yourself a bo-peep.

And, just for fun, I’ll pick a random person who comments on this post and I’ll send them a ball of one of the featured yarns. Ooooh! (Sure, one ball won’t make anything massive, but you can squish it to your heart’s content and knit or crochet a swatch to see if you like it and then you’ve discovered a new yarn, and that’s fun times!). I’ll probably do a random number moment, but if you really crack me up or something, I might pick a winner on merits. ^_~

Robbie from Knitxcore also wrote a piece! You can check it out on pages 6 – 7.

– R


Gentle reader,

I’ve been out and about quite a bit this past week, and I feel very good about it; lots of walking, lots of exploring and some yummy food. One of my favorite little wanderings was when I popped into Meet Me At Mike’s, the shop of the wonderful Pip who also has a blog which you should go and read right this moment. I picked up some awesome trinkets and I’ll definitely be going back for more goodies.

Meet Me At Mike's Haul

The lion and deer buttons and the circus tent key chain are for me, and the owl ring is for my bestie Panda (Shh! Don’t tell her! And, if you’re reading, Panda… it’s for.. erm… another Panda that I know…). I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with the lion button, obviously. Clearly it was made for me.

While I went on my many walks, I made sure to take my camera, because I really want to improve my photography. So, I took lots of snaps on my way. I’ve got a long way to go, but practice makes perfect!

My Neighborhood Under The Sky
My Neighborhood Under The Stars

You should wander around your neighborhood and see what you can see, and take some snaps maybe! Fun times!

Meet Me At Mike’s

Gentle readers,

There are a great many wonderful people in this world, some of whom you’ve never met, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Well, I woke up today with a lovely reminder of that.

I logged into my WordPress, and was flabbergasted to see that my hits for the day had soared up to 220 hits (I usually average between 15 and 30 hits a day, which I’m well happy with). So, I took to the stats page, looked at the referrers and saw that most of that traffic had come from Meet Me At Mike’s, a blog by Pip, who is also author of the Meet Me At Mike’s books. I hopped over to have a bo-peep and she’d featured me in a post she’d written about her favorite “bloges” (blogs written by blokes, naturally).

Meet Me At Mikes! Click it and go read!

So, a big, enthusiastic thank you to Pip! And if I’m truly frank and honest, I’ve been a little bit star struck since Pip and I befriended each other on Google+ because I’ve loved her books for a long time. You should definitely go buy them!