Meet Me At Mike’s

Gentle readers,

There are a great many wonderful people in this world, some of whom you’ve never met, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Well, I woke up today with a lovely reminder of that.

I logged into my WordPress, and was flabbergasted to see that my hits for the day had soared up to 220 hits (I usually average between 15 and 30 hits a day, which I’m well happy with). So, I took to the stats page, looked at the referrers and saw that most of that traffic had come from Meet Me At Mike’s, a blog by Pip, who is also author of the Meet Me At Mike’s books. I hopped over to have a bo-peep and she’d featured me in a post she’d written about her favorite “bloges” (blogs written by blokes, naturally).

Meet Me At Mikes! Click it and go read!

So, a big, enthusiastic thank you to Pip! And if I’m truly frank and honest, I’ve been a little bit star struck since Pip and I befriended each other on Google+ because I’ve loved her books for a long time. You should definitely go buy them!