Yarn Idol & More Music To Make To

Gentle reader… gentle, potentially nonexistent reader,

I have been very busy and have much to write here, but alas, I have not yet found the stillness to sit down and write it, nor shall I mention it all now. But, in the meantime, I have some beautiful things to share with you.

Let me introduce you to Sufjan Stevens. Now, as with Fleet Foxes, he is one fifth of my Holy Five of Music, and he makes relentlessly exquisite music which gives me chills every time. His newest album opens with this quiet little gem:

(On a side note, this isn’t an official video, but visual quite lovely at any rate)

Did you catch the crochet reference? The fact the he wrote a lyric about a gentleman who crochets made me incredibly happy. Clearly, I decided that this song was a personal letter from him to me, deluded creature that I am, and my glee was only to be increase exponentially.

The other week, I was just googling Sufjan as I am wont to do to see if there were any news or the like, and I came across a reference to his being knitter! So, I googled more and was even able to find an interview with him about his knitting!

Sufjan Knits (click to make big)

I’ve crocheted for many hours to his music, so it’s very fitting to me. I know it’s silly, but I do find a great deal of pleasure to know that not only does a famous person that I love knit, but I’m extra tickled that this person is a fella too. ❤