Wanna Learn the Magic Ring? I’ll Show You!!

Gentle reader (and now viewers, I guess!),

I finally finished my video tutorial for the Magic Ring technique. Have a bo-peep and tell me what you think!

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end, but it was rocky road! I filmed and scrapped it about five times (I guess one-shot magic like a certain Kate Bush interpretive dance video you might remember is a rare and special thing. ^_~ ). Basically, it’s a pretty awkward technique to describe and show in a way that makes sense. Also, I apologize for the grainy intro section. I was trying a different camera which, needless to say, I won’t be using again unless I have full natural light. But, the point is not to look at my silly mug, and I just wanted to get the tutorial out already, so I let it slide. If it had been the demonstration footage – the important stuff – I’d have scrapped it. I try it make the actual process of doing these techniques really clear but I also try to add a bit of silliness to keep it fun. I hope you get a little chuckle here and there. ^_~

ALSO, I have some neat news!

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Invisible Decrease Tutorial!

Gentle reader,

How are you? Happy? Healthy? I hope so! Well, I’ve been messing about in a few different programs such as Photoshop – you may have noticed a bunch of cosmetic tweaks to the site – and iMovie. Oooh, iMovie. D’y’know why? Because I made a video tutorial for you! If you recently downloaded my Sittin’ Kitty pattern, you may have noticed that it called for an “invisible decrease”. Perhaps you’ve not come across that one before, perhaps you have, perhaps you didn’t download Sittin’ Kitty but you could use it for your own crochet shenanigans. Whichever’s the case, if you were scratching your head over it, I’ma show you how! Yay!

What did you think? I think the titles are a bit long, so I might try to make a shorter one. Did you find it helpful? What other tutorials would you like to see? Feedback and comments are super appreciated! ❤

What are you up to this weekend? I hope it’s stupendous whatever you do, lovely faces! ^_^


Watching Yourself Is Painful. Trust Me.

Gentle reader,

I always say that I’m going to keep my posts regular, and I have only the most honest of intentions to prove that statement true, but inevitably I get sidetracked.

One of the things that has sidetracked me this time I hope is a forgivable distraction: the first episode of the Stitchonomy podcast!

Let me just tell y’all, watching yourself over and over is the most painful thing I can think of right now. I’ve done theater and such, and I’ve even made a few youtube videos before, but first of all, on stage you don’t have to watch yourself and secondly my youtube videos were me being silly. But when you have to just be yourself and then watch your mannerisms over and over while editing… well, I was sick of the sight of myself.

That aside, I’m quite happy with it, and we’re even having a giveaway! Go join our Ravelry group here and then comment with a suggestion for a KAL or CAL in the competition thread and you could win a hank of Morris Pure yarn. Beyond that, feedback and comments are always appreciated.

I start regular posts again soon, promise!

Featured on Craftovision!

Gentle reader, I have exciting news!

Corinne  –  maven of all things handmade and formerly of Threadbanger – interviewed me for an episode of her new show, Craftovision!

I was so nervous – not of being on video but I admit I was a bit star-struck to be talking to THE Corinne Leigh on Skype! – so I come across a bit like the village idiot, but that’s okay. I don’t sound like a complete tool.

I also really love the project that she did in this episode, and we had chatted about video game crafts so it was neat to see what she did with it.

– R