Featured on Craftovision!

Gentle reader, I have exciting news!

Corinne  –  maven of all things handmade and formerly of Threadbanger – interviewed me for an episode of her new show, Craftovision!

I was so nervous – not of being on video but I admit I was a bit star-struck to be talking to THE Corinne Leigh on Skype! – so I come across a bit like the village idiot, but that’s okay. I don’t sound like a complete tool.

I also really love the project that she did in this episode, and we had chatted about video game crafts so it was neat to see what she did with it.

– R



7 thoughts on “Featured on Craftovision!

  1. YAY Raynie!!! I was so excited To hear that you were interviewed on CTV! How awsome was that?! You weren’t “shy” at all! You were just great, like always!!:) Corinne is so down to earth that she makes you feel at home right? I loved your responce to blog question:) Guys CAN crotchet/knit/sew be crafty and be fabulous!
    Congrats are in order sweety!!!! That means MORE gentle readers will come your way baby!
    YAY!!!! ocoxo Your pal, Tany!

  2. Awesome Raynor! The ‘yarrrrn’ pronunciation was not that bad. Joel rolled his eyes for nothing. You can’t help it if you likes to speak properly. See you Thursday in our lubberley yarn store.

  3. Good job! Having only met you though the blog is very nice to get to see you talking, and you didn’t seem nervous at all! Thanks for the intro to Craftovision too, hadn’t seen it before.

  4. yeah, Raynor gooooo!!

    How cool is that interviewed by CTV! I’m with all others. Where is that SHY come from? you sounded totally confident 😀

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