Of Puppies and Bunnies

Gentle reader,

It’s a new week, and a new entry in the FO parade. I’m gonna jump right into it!

le Bunny du Blue (that's French for Blue Bunny, y'know)

First up is this little blue bunny. He’s a wee little thing, and he looks rather kooky, but I like that. I’m not sure exactly what brand of yarn I used for him, but it was an 8 ply pure wool.

Dapper Dog

I’m quite pleased with how this dog turned out. I think he’s rather dapper! I haven’t made too many dogs or puppies before, but I think I’ll make some more, and perhaps try a version on all fours. He’s made out of Cleckheaton Country Naturals, which I really like working with and I like the extra bit of texture it has over regular Cleckheaton Country.

Well, that’s all for today, it’s a short and sweet one, I’m afraid.

How was your weekend? Did you have a good one? I hope so!

– R


20 thoughts on “Of Puppies and Bunnies

  1. They are great Raynor! The dog is particularly dapper and has a certain air about him.
    I bought 3 balls of Patons Eco Wool Chunky, which is pure wool and untreated. Have you ever used it? I only needed 2 balls for the beanie I knitted and I am thinking about using the remaining one to crochet some sort of little animal treasure. It’s lovely wool, and as you use it you can feel the lanolin coming out of it as your hands warm it. Feels lovely on bamboo knitting needles. Anyway, wonder how it would go for arigurumi?

    • Hi Sandra! I have some balls of that yarn here that Tony from BonitoClub gave me but I haven’t used it as yet. I’ve squished it a lot though and I’m totes in love with it! I have to crochet something today to keep on track, so I’ll use it and let you know what I think. I think it’ll be great for amigurumi. At first I was a bit worried that it might break easily like some single ply yarns I’ve used, but it seems quite sturdy. I’ll keep you posted! ^_^

      • Please do! I love squishing it too. And smelling it…is that weird? But it smells so lovely and undyed..so surely it’s not weird? ^_^
        It’s very sturdy and not very stretchy, and I know I should put it to good use somehow.

        • It turned out great! I only had a few problems with it snapping when I was sewing up, but it only happened once. Super lovely yarn. The bear with the hat and the tie in the Loch craft festival post is the one I made with it.

  2. So sweet and bursting with personality! (bunny, dog and you)
    I was gardening with my daughter this weekend. We have reclaimed wild and weedy patch of garden and have been planting it out. So far the wallabies have chewed into 2 new plants – but that’s okay. 🙂

    • A few chewed plants are totes worth having some wallabies! So cute! I saw a few wallabies, hares and kangaroos when I went home to visit the folks. So lovely!

      I can’t wait to do some gardening, but I like to wait for the heat of summer to pass before I head outdoors.

    • I tell you what, I’ve been so lazy this week. Oy. As soon as I got home from the festival, I collapsed. Oy. It’s okay to be lazy sometimes. ❤

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