The Neverending Sock! Also, Singlehanded Knits, Tiny Circs, and Stickers

Gentle reader,

I have a song for you. Here ‘tis:

“This is the sock that doesn’t end! It just goes on and on, my friend! I started knitting it not know what it was, and I’ll continue knitting it forever just because this is the sock that doesn’t end…”

Neverending Sock 1

Oy. I don’t know what my problem is with socks. I love socks. I feel immense satisfaction when I finish a sock. This sock even has an amazing stitch pattern that makes me want to knit it all the time, and yet, sock knitting takes me FOREVER! I mean, I’m not a fast knitter to begin with. Especially compared to my crocheting, but there’s just something about socks that gums up the works and my knitting mojo runs for the hills. SO CRAY. I can’t even wrap my head around it.

So, this sock was for the Sock The Vote knit-along by the incomparable, amazing, fantastic and infinitely lovely Melissa of Singlehanded Knits (which is a podcast y’all should watch right now if you don’t already. Go subscribe in iTunes now. I’ll wait……………. It’s downloading now? Fantastisch!). I intended to knit a pair of these amazing socks from a book called “Knitted Socks East and West” by Judy Sumner, by the time the US Presidential winner was announced. Realistic, right? Nup. Not for me. I’m the legit actual driver of the FAILbus.

Neverending Sock 2

I’ve still not finished the first sock. I’m still on the gusset (which is ginormous because of my crazy tight tension so I had to puck up a squillion stitches, don’t even ask). I won’t be making the pair, I can tell you that much. Not because I don’t like the pattern – I LOVE the pattern to the point where if it were a person it would be creepy – but I get second sock syndrome HARD, and I’d rather knit one sock and enjoy it and love it and just wear odd socks, than force myself to knit the twin and suffer a psychotic break and find myself wearing a straightjacket, curled up fetal in the corner of a padded room, licking the air and chatting to the Wizard of Oz and Joan of Arc like it ain’t no thang. But I digress…

The sock itself is called Bonsai, and I ADORE the pattern. It looks kind of like a cable, but it’s actually not. It’s a really interesting Japanese stitch trick. When you purl across to the three knit stitches, you skip two stitches, pick up the third stitch with the right needle and drop it over the first stitches and off the left needle so it’s wrapped around the first two knit stitches. Then you knit the first stitch, yarn over, knit the second stitch and BOOM It’s so neat! You should definitely get the book, it has a whole bunch of cray-to-the-azy Japanese stitch techniques. If you’re like me, you’ll squeal for weeks. It shut. My. Brain. DOWN, y’all! I’ll defs be writing up a review for the book when I’ve finished the sock.


Also, I’ve put it onto DPNs to do the heel flap and gusset, but I’ve been using this 9” circ that I bought from HiyaHiya. It’s SO good. For realz. I started the sock on DPNs because DPNs are my fave way to do socks, but I could only find nickel-plated ones in the size I needed and they were too slippery and I kept losing stitches off the ends no matter how careful I was, so I switched to two circs because I quite like two circs, not as much as DPNs, but I’m possibly the only person on the face of the planet that doesn’t like magic loop (longest sentence ever). I mean, I get magic loop, I appreciate magic loop, I respect magic loop for its contribution to knitting, and we get along, we’re civil – friend even – but we’re not on each other’s Christmas card list, y’know?

tiny circ

Then, I was watching Eunny Jang doing a demo on Knitting Daily – because Eunny Jang is the legit actual best and I love her forever (but not creepy-like, promise. Eunny! Call me! TOTALLY kidding!) – and she had a tiny circ, and I says to myself I says “I NEED ALL THE TINY CIRCS!”. So, Google, PayPal and Aus Post later, I had myself a tiny circ and I’m in love with it. It was awkward at first, but once I got used it, it was awesome. My sock went so much faster (still not fast enough, evidently /eyeroll). Once I’ve finished the gusset I’ll knit my little circ back in and finish this sucker off.


Even though Sock The Vote is well over, and I’m a Late Larry The Lame-o Who Is Late, I’ve still got it in my awesome-sauce Sock The Vote project bag. Isn’t it neat? There were a whole bunch of other goodies that came with it, but that’s the bumper sticker there. I’ve not decided what to put it on. I’m so nutty about where to put stickers. Special ones, I mean, because you want to put it somewhere where you can appreciate the sticker forever.  I have a Midlake sticker which I got as a freebie when I bought my Midlake band shirt (because I’m a Midlake super-fan, and clearly I’ve not said Midlake enough yet. Midlake, Midlake, Midlake!!!), and my Sock The Vote sticker, and I’m too scared and fussy to put them on anything! I actually still have a Jurassic Park sticker that I got when I went on the ride at Universal Studios TWELVE years ago that I’ve never put on anything. I have a problem. HELP ME! Where do you think I should put my stickers?

 Also, tell me what you’re working on, y’all! And what crafty things slow you right down for inexplicable reasons? Is it even a thing? Or am I the only one? Eek! Comments = Love.



11 thoughts on “The Neverending Sock! Also, Singlehanded Knits, Tiny Circs, and Stickers

  1. Picking up stitches is my knitting kryptonite. Sock heel, cardi collar, hat brim, if it’s piking up stitches, it needs to sit around for days and days staring at me accusingly as I cast on ALL THE THINGS.
    Second sock syndrome, not so much. Socks to me feel like a single object with a bind-off in the middle. Also, i always feel very clever on the second sock when I (most of the time, or okay,a t elast sometimes) know what I’m doing now.

  2. I love that sock! I’d be happy to try to knit the other one for you…… But I’m a loose knitter so they might be different sizes……. You are so clever!

  3. I’m so impressed with your Sock the Vote project bag and sticker!

    You are not the only one not to be hooked by magic loop. I’ve watched my work knitting pal Nyss do magic loop and it does my head in. I am 100% old school bamboo DPNs. I actually don’t even like circular needles, which is scandalous I know.

  4. I think we are twins separated at birth! I have BAD second sock syndrome… I never thought of just knitting one and wearing odd socks but I think it’s my new look! Who is going to know under my cowboy boots anyway I ask myself?? I love Dpns and hate magic loop and those little hiya’s are just the best think since sliced bread aren’t they, LOVE them! This year was going to be 12 in 12, well big fat fail for me too. I have 3 single socks with no partner! Thanks for the heads up on the podcast and the book, will go and check them out and maybe pick up my socks for a spot of knitting ;-/

  5. I absolutely adore that stitch pattern! It looks like a bunch of tiny little leaves. Hopefully one day you get around to it, but I feel ya on the “second sock syndrome.” I can’t even count the number of projects I’m working on right now so that’s keeping me from finishing ither projects. I’ve taken on waaaay too much these last two weeks! But Christmas orders and Christmas orders. Audiobooks and yarn will be my life for the next few weeks!! Keep on truckin, my friend.

  6. I’ve never made any socks, but I have about a gazillion unfinished projects lying around my house … just looking at me … judging me silently …

    Urgh – if anyone knows a cure for procrastination, I’d love to hear it! >_<

  7. I love that sock! Even if it never gets a twin, it’s one of the most beautiful, emerald-icious socks I’ve ever seen. My first socks were on circs. That accomplishment emboldened me to try DPNs and… who knew? I love knitting socks on DPNs! The second sock is a bit of a bummer though, and the best thing about working on circs is the two-at-a-time thing. And why not knit one sock and wear it with another solo sock? It’s your knitting – do what you like. That’s what I say.

    A quick note to thank you for sharing the “incomparable, amazing, fantastic and infinitely lovely Melissa of Singlehanded Knits”. I’m so glad I found her podcast, thanks to you, and her Ravelry group. Their doing amazing things over there!

  8. Oh good grief, I have come here after reading your lovely comment on Ruth’s blog and I don’t have time to have a proper look around. I will be back. This looks like a lovely place to stop for a while.

  9. I put stickers up on noticeboards and the like with drawing pins (sometimes through the sticker, if I’m lazy / it’s not too important; otherwise with many pins arranged around it for it to balance in). That way, I can move them at will. Blu tack works too. If I “had” to actually *stick* them, I’d just hide them all in a “don’t want to use / waste these” drawer somewhere…

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