Product Review: KnitCubby Stitch Markers

Gentle reader,

A while ago, I bought some stitch markers from an Etsy store called Knit Cubby, and I wanted to share what I think of ’em with you. Because I like to enable you, peeps. I have a big heart or summat. So, today is a Shy Lion firstie; a product review! Yay!

KnitCubby 1

At a glance…


  • Excellent quality
  • Squillions of designs
  • Custom options


  • Too many designs to choose from!

Knit Cubby is the handiwork of a delightful flower named Brittany. I came across her store one night while I was trawling Etsy, as one is wont to do. I’d been looking for some new stitch markers, and I’d been very fussy. I wanted something a bit special and fun, but I didn’t know what I wanted exactly. I was clicking through the myriad of offerings in her store thinking “this is some amazing shizz, y’all!” and then… then I saw the Downton Abbey stitch markers.

Downton Abbey

Uh… rewind and play that again? But of course: DOWNTON ABBEY STITCH MARKERS. I just shut your whole actual mind down just then, didn’t I? Sorry (not actually sorry though). Then I found some Bonsai ones. Naturally, I jumped on that bidniss and if it had been a bricks-and-mortar store, I would have been squealing so high only dogs could hear me and literally throwing money at Brittany. It would have been LEGIT AWKWARD. Praise the internet for online shopping. Phew.

But what are they actually like? Well, I’ve been using them on a sweater I’ve been knitting for a while now, and I’m pretty well acquainted with them at this point, so let’s get down to it, y’all.

The markers are a closed sterling silver-plated rings. The super neat part is that they’re not just pushed closed, but they’ve been soldered, so there’s no snaggy bits to cause you grief. I really appreciated that a lot. The link that attaches the marker to the ring is sturdy, and doesn’t have any rough bits to snag your fabric.

The actual decorative discs are where it’s at though. They feel robust and tough, so I never felt like I had to be careful with them. I was staggered at how much detail Brittany has managed to fit onto these little medallions. It’s cray-to-the-azy! If you look up super close, they’re a little grainy because of the texture of the disc, but the image is still super clear and color-fast. Mine have been knocking around in my project bags and notion cases for months now, and they don’t even have a scratch to show for it.

I really love knitting with them, for realz. They slide smoothly along the needles and cables, and they’re easy to slip. I never felt like I had to pass them from needle to needle delicately for fear of damaging them or bending the ring, I just swished them across. If you’re a dumbo like me and you have a bizarre habit of somehow dropping your markers out of your work, you don’t have to worry because the long link and the discs make it really easy to see where they are -and- if they’re missing.


Prices range from around the $3 – 4 mark for single markers to the $12 – 15 mark for sets, with custom set a little bit more at $17.50 (Prices in $US). For the money I paid, I was super stoked with what I got, and the service was excellent. Brittany answered some of my annoying questions because my name is  Little Stupid, kept me posted along the way and shipped them out to me really swiftly.

The range of options are completely ridiculous! The store has TEN pages of markers to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your fancy. I’m particularly fond of the ones with a literary bent. The Jane Eyre ones almost made me mess myself (after Christmas, my precious…). Also, you can order your pretties as crochet markers instead for the same price! The ring is just switched out for a lobster clip. NEAT. Knit Cubby Featured


These markers are just such a treat. They make me so happy. I love knitting my way around a row to spend a few stitches with Cora and Robert, and then halfway around again to Matthew and Mary, and Anna and Bates. They’re top quality, they’re super cute, and if you’re in need of a few more markers, I think you should totes buy ’em.

Get ’em here:

A little disclaimer: I bought my sets of markers completely of my own accord and paid for them myself. Brittany of Knit Cubby did not ask me to review them or provide any incentives. I did contact her to request permission to use some images from her store to illustrate her products, to which she very kindly agreed. The images of my Downton Abbey and Bonsai sets are my own, all the rest belong to her. 

If you could have a set of stitch markers with anything you liked on them, what would you have? Sharezies!



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